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What is Video SEO ?

Video SEO refers to the strategic optimization of YouTube channels and videos to enhance visibility and growth. With our certified experts, you’ll harness the power of AI-driven keyword research, ensuring your content ranks higher and attracts the right audience. Beat the competition and set your channel on the path to becoming a YouTube sensation.

Supercharge your YouTube journey with our Google Certified Video SEO services!

Our experts bring 9 years of experience to the table, implementing cutting-edge SEO techniques tailored for your channel’s unique needs. From in-depth changes to insider tips, we ensure your channel not only performs at its peak but continues to do so. Don’t just compete; dominate the YouTube scene with our comprehensive Video SEO package!

Video & Channel SEO
Our tailored strategies ensure sustainable growth by optimizing both your videos and channel for maximum impact.
Video Rankings
Elevate your content's visibility with strategic techniques that push your videos to the forefront of search results.
Upload Defaults
Streamline your content creation process by establishing consistent and effective defaults for every upload
Relevant Hashtags & Tags
Enhance discoverability with precise and targeted keyword strategies, increasing your content's reach and engagement.
Metadata Alignment
Ensure your content aligns seamlessly with search algorithms, boosting its chances of being recommended to the right audience
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What You Get ?

AI-Powered Precision

Certified Expertise

In-Depth Insights

Strategic Growth

Proven Results

Dominate Competition

Pricing for Video SEO

We offer convenient payment options!

Option 1

$ 997
👉 Rapid 2-Day Delivery
👉 Page/Channel Evaluation
👉 20 Keywords/Hashtags Research
👉 3 Videos Optimized
👉 Title & Description Refinement
👉 Meta Tag Optimization
👉 Content Ideas Included

Option 2

$ 1799
👉 Swift 3-Day Delivery
👉 Page/Channel Evaluation
👉 20 Keywords/Hashtags Research
👉 6 Videos Optimized
👉 Title & Description Enhancement
👉 Meta Tag Optimization
👉 Comprehensive Page/Channel Optimization
👉 Rich Content Ideas

Option 3

3999 $ 2499
👉 Expedited 4-Day Delivery
👉 Page/Channel Evaluation
👉 20 Keywords/Hashtags Research
👉 10 Videos Optimized
👉 Title & Description Perfection
👉 Meta Tag Optimization
👉 Advanced Page/Channel Optimization
👉 Extensive Content Ideas Package

For More Custom / On Demand Requirement & Pricing


Most frequent questions and answers

YES, we include a highly-searched keyword ranking for one video with every order. If you’d like more videos ranked, just order the Video Ranking Extra and we can rank additional videos!

No, you can add an additional videos to this gig as long as it is before the delivery time 🙂

Yes, there is an additional fee for this, however, you can easily select it when purchasing your gig!

SEO is a long-term strategy to consistent channel growth, but does take some time & patience. SEO alone usually takes about 4-6 weeks for YouTube to re-index the changes since more than 400 hours of new content are uploaded per minute.

Yes, I’m a certified video advertiser in AdWords (now Google Ads) for YouTube videos & have done it for many years with all kinds of clients & can set up advertisements for any videos as in-stream ads, discovery ads, or outstream ads. If you’re interested in this, just ask & I’ll tell you more!

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