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Elevate Your Brand Essence: Experience a Stunning Revamp & Rebrand with Alphause Designs!

What is Revamp & Rebrand ?

The “Revamp & Rebrand” service at Alphause is a transformative journey for your business identity. It’s not just about creating a logo; it’s a meticulous process of crafting a unique and emotionally resonant brand image that captivates your audience, fostering recognition and deep connections.

Unlock a new era of brand recognition with Alphause's expertise in crafting memorable logos and impactful branding

Our commitment to uniqueness sets us apart – no templates or clip arts, just tailored designs that speak to your audience’s emotions. With 24/7 communication, we ensure your vision is realized swiftly. Choose Alphause for a logo transformation that transcends the ordinary.

Experience Across Industries
Our seasoned team possesses a wealth of experience working with companies spanning various industries. From tech to fashion, we understand the nuances that make your brand unique.
Design Expertise
From Minimalist to Luxury, we specialize in a range of styles to cater to your unique brand personality. Our expertise lies in creating logos that not only stand out but also leave a lasting impression.
At Alphause, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke designs. No templates or clip arts are ever used, ensuring that your logo and branding are truly one-of-a-kind.
Comprehensive Packages
Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics. Every package includes fonts, vector files, and transparent formats, providing you with all the necessary elements for a cohesive brand identity.
Constant Communication
Collaboration is key. With our 24/7 availability, we ensure seamless and prompt communication throughout the design process, guaranteeing your vision is realized effectively.
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What You Get ?

Distinctive Identity

Timeless Appeal

Enduring Recognition

Emotional Connection

Swift Transformation

Customer Magnet

Pricing for AI-automated Blogging

We offer convenient payment options!

Option 1​

$ 997
Logo design with limitless revisions
Multiple design concepts
Source files for customization

Option 2

$ 1397
Builds upon the Silver package
3 diverse logo concepts
Social kit, copyright doc, invoice template, email signature included

Option 3

$ 1797
Unleashes the power of both Silver and Gold packages
4 unique logo concepts
Comprehensive design suite: Business card, Letterhead, Favicon, Email Signature, Social Kit, Brand Book, Invoice template, Copyright

For More Custom / On Demand Requirement & Pricing


Most frequent questions and answers

The timeline for completing a WordPress website The Basic package offers logo design with unlimited revisions. I will present multiple design concepts, usually starting with 2. You’ll receive source files for the final logo, including black and white variations, transparent files, and editable source files for additional customization.varies depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of the client. Generally, a basic website can be completed within [insert estimated time] days, while more complex websites may take longer.

The Standard package builds upon the Basic package, offering everything included in it. You’ll get 3 logo concepts to choose from. Additionally, you’ll receive a Social kit, copyright document, invoice template, and email signature as part of this package.

The Premium package encompasses all the services offered in both the Basic and Standard packages. It begins with 4 logo concepts, and in addition, you will receive the following: Business card design, Letterhead design, Favicon, Email Signature, Social Kit, Brand book, Invoice template, Copyright.

Stationery designs include letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc., used in business or personal correspondence. They establish a professional visual identity, incorporating logos, typography, and colors. These designs enhance brand recognition, professionalism, and leave a lasting impression.

Each social media platform has its own specific image sizing format. Uploading a logo without adhering to these formats may result in poor fit and appearance. This service includes a logo that is exported in 1:1 ration to fit perfectly on every platform.

Source files are original/editable files that are used to create a design. By vector file, you can enlarge the logo any size without dropping quality. You need to have photoshop skills and knowledge to do editions.

A brand guide or brand book is a document that outlines visual and verbal guidelines for a brand’s identity. It covers logo usage, typography, colors, imagery, tone of voice, and more, ensuring consistency in brand communication for a cohesive and recognizable image to the target audience.

A 3D mockup visually simulates designs or products in a 3D space, offering realistic previews on diverse surfaces and angles. Widely used in packaging, branding, and marketing, 3D mockups provide valuable insights for decision-making, presenting designs dynamically and engagingly.

Yes, I will provide you 100% satisfaction.

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