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Power Up Your Website Performance, Lock Down Security!

What is Website Performance & Security ?

Alphause is your one-stop solution for supercharging website performance and enhancing security. With lightning-fast loading, global content delivery, and mobile optimization, it ensures exceptional website speed. Alphause also provides robust security with firewall protection, SSL encryption, and 24/7 monitoring. Their dedicated support team and SEO enhancement services make them a comprehensive choice for transforming your website into a high-performing, ultra-secure digital fortress. Don’t compromise – upgrade with Alphause today!

Facing relentless malware, viruses, or cyber threats on your WordPress site?

We’re your strong shield and sharp sword in web security and development. We protect your site from threats and swiftly eliminate vulnerabilities. Our expertise evolves to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Enjoy peace of mind with your secure and high-performing website. Fortify your online presence with us.

We are not just another service provider; we are a team of seasoned experts in web development and security. With years of experience under our belt, we understand the intricacies of online threats and how to fortify your digital fortress.
Comprehensive Solutions
We offer a wide range of services, from malware removal to site optimization. This means you don't need to juggle multiple vendors; we've got all your website needs covered under one roof.
Prompt Action
We know that time is of the essence when your website is under attack. We respond swiftly to threats, minimizing downtime and potential damage.
User-Focused Optimization
We don't just focus on security. We also optimize your website for speed, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience. Fast-loading sites lead to happy users and higher search engine rankings.
Constant Support
Our commitment doesn't end with the completion of a project. We provide ongoing support to ensure your website remains secure and performs at its best.
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What You Get ?

Comprehensive Security 

Alphause offers a full spectrum of security services, including malware removal, hack repair, virus removal, and more. We safeguard your website from every angle.

Reputation Restoration

If your website has faced blacklisting or reputational damage, we help you regain trust with Google and your audience, restoring your online reputation.

Optimized Performance

Our services go beyond security; we optimize your website for speed, reducing page load times to ensure a seamless user experience and improved SEO.

Tailored Protection

Whether it’s WordPress, server security, or other vulnerabilities, we provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs, making your website a fortress against threats.

Proven Expertise  

With a track record of satisfied clients, you benefit from our years of experience and ongoing support to ensure your website remains secure, fast, and successful.

Ongoing Support


We will set up your complete website for success.

Pricing for Website Performance & Security

We offer convenient payment options !

Option 1​

$ 249
Remove malware from one wordpress website

Option 2

$ 799
Remove malware and secure from further attacks

Option 3

$ 1499
Remove malware + Full Security + backup Clean version


Most frequent questions and answers

WordPress is free for lifetime and it gives me freedom to do as many customizations I want.

Your wordpress site login details (if working) and host(cpanel) login details.

Yes, I have a team of experts so we can effectively maintain as many websites as needed. 

You can simple contact me, schedule a time and date and then we can begin live WordPress session.

Yes, I will provide you unlimited revisions until 100% satisfaction.



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