The Best AI Marketing Tools To Automate Your Business (2024)

Even though marketing campaigns can eat up time and resources, it’s vital to effectively engage with your desired demographic.

So, what sets you apart?

Enter AI-driven marketing solutions.

A fresh study reveals that AI integration benefits different sectors in roughly 4 out of 5 scenarios, empowering companies to align with their most promising prospects.

In this piece, I’ll delve into the premier AI marketing instruments that can amplify your client pool, propel sales, and expand your enterprise.

Top Five :

Table of Contents

What Are The Best AI Marketing Tools?

Here are the top AI marketing tools to consider.

Best Overall Marketing Tool

Imagine a world where crafting exceptional content is a breeze, where inspiration flows effortlessly, and the creative process becomes a joy. That’s precisely what Jasper AI brings to the table – a powerful artificial intelligence platform designed to help you produce outstanding content faster and easier than ever before.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Whether you’re on a quest to conjure up fresh ideas for your next ad campaign or seeking to elevate the impact of your blog posts, Jasper AI is your trusty ally on this journey.

Revolutionary Technology at Your Fingertips

Behind Jasper AI lies a remarkable feat of machine-learning engineering. Its mission? To supercharge your product offerings and revolutionize your customer communications.

The Art of Idea Generation

One of Jasper AI’s most enchanting features is its ability to turn the daunting task of brainstorming into a delightful adventure. Simply input your requirements, and watch as the AI engine conjures up original concepts for you to explore.

Effortless Content Creation

Once you’ve selected your winning concept, Jasper AI’s platform comes to life, empowering you to craft high-quality content with lightning speed. Say goodbye to writer’s block and blank screens – you’re in the creative driver’s seat now.

Templates Galore

No matter the situation, Jasper AI has got you covered with a treasure trove of templates. These versatile tools enable you to scale your marketing efforts with ease.

Unlock Astonishing Features

●      Speed is of the Essence: Jasper AI lets you create content a staggering 5 times faster, giving you more time to focus on other crucial tasks.

●      Pure Originality: Harness the power of AI to generate 100% original content that’s sure to captivate your audience and encourage sharing.

●      SEO Magic: Craft SEO-friendly content that not only gets read but also gets shared.

●      Ready-Made Tools: Dive into the creative process with user-friendly tools and templates that make starting a breeze.

●      Language No Barrier: Jasper AI supports over 25 universal languages, ensuring your message reaches a global audience.

●      Boss Mode Unleashed: Explore the invaluable recipes for “Boss Mode” content creation, designed to make long-form marketing content a breeze, even if you’re just starting out.

The User-Friendly Experience

Navigating Jasper AI is a breeze. With an array of marketing templates at your disposal, creating high-quality, original material has never been easier. Select the template that suits your needs, provide a bit of input, and you’re off to the races.

Tailor-Made Pricing Plans

Jasper offers two enticing pricing plans:

●      Boss Mode: Starting at just $49/month, this plan lets you create long-form marketing content without breaking a sweat.

●      Business: Starting at $499/month, this plan is ideal for ambitious enterprises ready to supercharge their content creation game.

What We Admire and What We’re Improving

What We Love:

●      Boss Mode Brilliance: The Boss Mode plan offers a seamless path to creating substantial marketing content without a steep learning curve.

●      Support Excellence: Our support team is here to assist you with open arms, armed with expert knowledge and a willingness to help.

What We’re Addressing:

●      Credit System Consideration: Keep in mind that the platform operates on a credit system, so if you plan to generate content extensively, additional credits may be needed for optimal usage.

Stay Updated with Jasper’s Innovations

Exciting news! Jasper Chat now enables you to engage in conversation with our AI, getting answers to your burning marketing questions in real-time.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of content creation like never before? It’s time to unlock your creative genius with Jasper AI. Get started today, and let your imagination flourish!

Best For Perfecting Your Marketing Copy

Looking to take your writing skills to new heights? Say hello to Grammarly – your trusty companion for not just impeccable grammar but a whole lot more!

A Holistic Approach to Writing Excellence

Grammarly, the AI-powered app, isn’t just your run-of-the-mill grammar checker; it’s a powerhouse that works its magic across a myriad of applications.

From composing emails and crafting the perfect social media post to conducting intricate plagiarism checks, Grammarly’s got your back, and then some.

Expert Citations at Your Fingertips

Need citations? No problem! Grammarly offers expert-generated citations absolutely free of charge. It’s your ticket to academically sound and well-referenced content.

AI Marketing Brilliance

Grammarly’s AI marketing tool is the secret sauce for error-free and polished writing. It’s like having your personal editor on standby.

Fine-Tuning for Perfection

Let’s talk spelling and style. Grammarly steps in to help you fine-tune your writing, ensuring it not only reads flawlessly but also aligns perfectly with your unique brand identity.

Safeguarding Originality

Worried about accidental copying? Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is your guardian angel, ensuring that your work remains 100% original and free from borrowed content.

Citations Made Easy

Citing sources has never been simpler. Just input the source information, and like magic, Grammarly generates citations for you.

Unlock the Power of Grammarly’s Features

  • Plagiarism Buster: Grammarly’s plagiarism checker employs cutting-edge technology to guarantee the authenticity of your work.
  • Citation Wizard: Need proper citations? Grammarly crafts them in a neatly formatted manner, saving you time and hassle.
  • Essay Excellence: The essay checker dissects your writing, offering insights from basic grammar to advanced structure and flow.
  • Tone Tuner: Struggling with the right tone? Grammarly’s tone detector helps you find the perfect balance for formal or casual writing.
  • Style Savvy: The style guide provides valuable tips on how to shape your piece in harmony with your brand’s unique voice.

User-Friendly Excellence

Grammarly’s user experience is second to none. The text editor highlights errors and provides clear explanations, making it a breeze to understand and implement corrections.

Affordable Pricing Plans

  • Free: Basic grammar and spelling checks for budget-conscious writers.
  • Premium: Starting at just $12.00/month, unlock a treasure trove of advanced writing features.
  • Business: Starting at $15.00/member/month, it’s tailor-made for teams looking to up their writing game.

What We Love and What We’re Improving

What We Love:

  • Grammarly’s explanatory suggestions make it easy to grasp the why behind the correction.
  • Customize settings to match your unique writing style.
  • The free version is a solid choice for fundamental grammar and spelling checks.

What We’re Tweaking:

  • Occasionally, Grammarly’s suggestions can be overly assertive, potentially causing confusion.
  • The business plan’s cost might not align with every budget.

Stay in the Loop

Exciting news! The Grammarly API now lets you seamlessly integrate Grammarly into your existing workflow, unlocking a world of possibilities for businesses.

Ready to embark on a writing journey like never before? Embrace the power of Grammarly. Your words are waiting to shine!

Best For SEO Optimizing Your Content

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will transform the way you approach SEO? Look no further than Surfer SEO – your one-stop destination for comprehensive keyword analysis and content optimization!

Unleash the Potential of Keywords

Surfer SEO opens the door to a world of possibilities by providing you with in-depth keyword lists that will elevate your website’s visibility. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision as you optimize your website for the exact keywords potential customers are using in their searches.

But that’s not all! Surfer SEO goes the extra mile by offering real-time feedback on your optimization efforts. It’s like having a personal SEO coach, guiding you toward digital success.

Crafting Content with Precision

Ever struggled with structuring your content effectively? Enter the Outline Builder, your trusty companion in content creation. It effortlessly guides you in crafting an engaging and organized content structure complete with headings and insightful questions. Not only does this maintain the focus of your content, but it also ensures it’s easy to digest for readers of all ages.

Discover the Surfer SEO Universe

Explore the treasure trove of Surfer SEO features that await you:

  • Surfer’s Grow Flow: Identify and prioritize impactful SEO changes to skyrocket your rankings.
  • Content Editor: Elevate your content with automated recommendations and AI-powered copywriting tools.
  • Keyword Research: Unearth new keyword opportunities tailored to your niche.
  • Audit Feature: Analyze how your competitors optimize their content.
  • Keyword Surfer Extension: Access real-time search volume data for any keyword.
  • AI Outline Generator: Create an effective content structure with real-time metrics at your fingertips.

Seamless User Experience

What used to be a simple content editor has evolved into a comprehensive SEO suite. The user experience remains consistent across all features and tools, ensuring a smooth learning curve and effortless usability for users of all ages.

Affordable Pricing, Limitless Possibilities

Surfer SEO offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs:

  • Basic: Get started at just $49/month.
  • Pro: Dive deeper into SEO excellence for $99/month.
  • Business: Elevate your digital strategy at $199/month.
  • Enterprise: Tailored solutions for your unique requirements (custom price).

What We Love and What We’re Enhancing

What We Love:

  • All-in-One SEO: Surfer SEO combines content strategy, creation, and optimization tools, offering a holistic view of your website’s SEO performance.
  • AI-Driven Excellence: Harness the power of Surfer’s AI tools to make your content more engaging and effective.

What We’re Working On:

  • Basic Plan Enrichment: We’re dedicated to enhancing the basic plan to match the features of other SEO tools.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With Surfer SEO, you’re not just keeping up with the trends – you’re setting them. Now, receive fresh SEO insights every week to ensure your site remains at the forefront of the digital landscape.

Are you ready to revolutionize your SEO game? Embrace the future with Surfer SEO today!

Best For SEO & PPC Marketing

Unlock Success with Semrush: Your Ultimate AI Marketing Toolkit

Imagine having a powerful ally in the world of marketing – a trusty companion that equips you with a vast arsenal of tools to conquer every facet of your strategy. Look no further, because Semrush is here to make your marketing dreams a reality!

A Wealth of Features at Your Fingertips

Semrush boasts an astounding 23 billion keywords and over 130 checks for comprehensive website audits. But that’s just the beginning! Prepare to be wowed by content-improving recommendations that will take your online presence to new heights.

Chart Your Course to the Top

Navigate the intricate world of rankings with Semrush’s Position Tracking tool. Monitor your standing, unearth valuable keyword opportunities, and gain profound insights through backlink analysis, all to supercharge your content’s performance.

Elevate Your Content with Precision

Enhance your online visibility by optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and URL structures using the On-Page SEO Checker. Your content will shine brighter than ever before!

The Swiss Army Knife of Online Marketing

Semrush doesn’t stop there – it’s your go-to toolkit for all things online marketing. Keep a close watch on your competitors’ strategies and craft potent PPC campaigns with remarkable ease, following a simple three-step process.

  • Competitor Analysis: Dive deep into your rivals’ tactics with their competitor reports.
  • PPC Prowess: Armed with insights, leverage the Ad Builder tool to execute detailed PPC campaigns.
  • Content Mastery: Create engaging content that drives a tidal wave of website traffic through Semrush’s content marketing platform.

Discover Semrush’s Key Features:

  • Outsmart Your Competition: Identify opportunities and tactics to outshine your rivals.
  • Social Media Dominance: Manage social campaigns with advanced features, including post-scheduling, content analysis, and competitor benchmarking.
  • Keyword Magic: Unearth the perfect keywords for your SEO and PPC endeavors.
  • Continuous Performance Tracking: Keep tabs on up to 1500 keywords for real-time performance monitoring.
  • Link Building Excellence: Find high-authority sites for guest posting and link outreach.
  • Insightful On-Page Suggestions: Elevate your SEO game with innovative ideas and content templates.

Experience Made Simple

Semrush’s user-friendly visual dashboard simplifies tracking and provides actionable insights, ensuring your marketing efforts are always on the right track.

Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Needs

Choose from three dynamic plans:

  • Pro: Priced at $119.95/month.
  • Guru: Available for $229.95/month.
  • Business: Tailored to meet the demands of larger enterprises at $449.95/month.

What We Admire and What We’re Improving

What We Love:

  • Deep Insights for ROI: Semrush offers extensive insights for SEO and PPC campaigns, guaranteeing optimal returns on your investments.
  • Social Media Support: A dedicated social media team assists you in monitoring, tracking, and enhancing your social media presence.

What We’re Working On:

  • Mastering the Toolkit: While Semrush is incredibly powerful, mastering all its features may take some time due to the learning curve.

Stay Updated with Our Progress

Exciting news! Semrush recently acquired, skyrocketing its monthly traffic by over 500K. This strategic move grants Semrush access to Backlinko’s SEO resources, enhancing our ability to cater to your evolving needs.

Don’t hesitate! Dive into the world of Semrush today and embark on a journey to marketing success like never before. Your toolkit is ready – are you?

Ever wished you could effortlessly craft the perfect message that resonates with your audience? Well, your wish just came true! Phrasee, the AI wizard, eliminates the guesswork and turns your messaging into pure gold.

The Phrasee Promise

Picture this: an AI platform that harnesses data science and artificial intelligence to conjure up copy that outperforms even the most talented human writers. Yes, you heard it right! Phrasee’s revolutionary technology dives into the ocean of past customer behavior data, uncovering hidden patterns that result in skyrocketing engagement rates.

A World of Possibilities

With Phrasee, you’re not just crafting messages; you’re creating magic. Automatic generation of attention-grabbing headlines, irresistible subject lines, compelling calls-to-action, and a treasure trove of ideas that are proven winners – that’s what you can expect.

But that’s not all! While human copywriters labor over one message at a time, Phrasee’s platform unleashes millions of options for your next campaign in the blink of an eye. It’s a feat that would leave mere mortals in awe.

Beyond Human Capabilities

Phrasee doesn’t stop there. It’s your go-to provider for AI-generated copy across email, SMS messages, and web content. The magic continues as it taps into past customer behavior, deciphering the code for higher engagement rates.

Unveiling the Key Features

  • Million-Variant Magic: Power up your campaigns with Phrasee’s AI, generating millions of ad variants in mere seconds.
  • Insights That Matter: Dive into actionable data to craft winning campaigns, automate workflows, analyze results, and more.
  • Seamless Integrations: Access your data and content from various sources effortlessly.
  • The Phrasee Score: Your secret weapon for success, this automatic rating system helps you identify the copy with the highest potential.

A User-Friendly Journey

Gone are the days of painstakingly analyzing customer sentiment. With Phrasee, it’s a breeze! Their visual dashboard provides real-time insights into your content’s performance, allowing you to focus on what works and make informed decisions.

Exploring the Pricing Maze

Curious about the investment? Book a demo to uncover the enchanting world of Phrasee’s pricing plans.

The Love-Hate Relationship

What We Adore:

  • Seamlessly Converting Leads: With a treasure trove of data at your fingertips, turning leads into loyal customers is a breeze.
  • Precision in Automation: Machine and deep learning elevate automation to new heights, crafting campaigns that truly captivate.

What Leaves Us Wanting More:

  • Data Combining Blues: At the start, merging data can be a bit of a puzzle-solving process.

The Latest from the Phrasee Enchantment Factory

Prepare to be spellbound! Their natural language generation system has evolved to create even more human-sounding copy variants. These gems are your secret weapons to test against your existing content.

Unleash the magic of Phrasee and transform your messaging into pure gold. Your audience awaits the enchantment!

Best For Creating Marketing Chatbots

Unleash the Power of Dialogue

Imagine having conversations that are as unique as your brand itself. With Chatfuel’s groundbreaking dialogue feature, you can ensure that every interaction is customized to perfection.

A Seamless Journey Begins

Chatfuel is your gateway to effortless chatbot creation. Signing up is a breeze, and once you’re in, it’s time to craft your very own chatbot masterpiece. How, you ask? By simply adding content blocks.

Unlock a World of Possibilities

Content blocks are your secret sauce, ready to be added to your chatbot’s flow. Need to collect email addresses? There’s a block for that. Answering questions? A block’s got you covered. Follow-ups and more? Yes, we’ve got blocks for those too.

Craft Your Unique Path

Once you’ve assembled the perfect lineup of content blocks, the fun begins. Customize the conversation flow to meet your specific needs, and watch as your chatbot comes to life.

Expert Support at Your Fingertips

Feeling stuck? Fear not! Chatfuel boasts top-notch customer support, ready to guide you every step of the way.

The Chatfuel Advantage

Key Features That Wow:

  • AB Testing: Unearth the winning copy with ease and maximize your potential for success.
  • AI/Machine Learning: Witness the magic as Chatfuel generates multiple conversation variants in mere seconds.
  • Activity Dashboard: Dive into invaluable insights that fuel your campaigns, automate workflows, analyze results, and more.
  • Stay Informed: With alerts and notifications, you’ll always be in the know about your chatbot’s performance.
  • Swift Solutions: Create automated responses for common queries in the blink of an eye with auto-responders.
  • Effortless Scheduling: Say goodbye to manual marketing efforts as automated publishing lets you schedule and publish messages seamlessly.

Discover Your Ideal Plan

Wondering about pricing? We’ve got options:

  • Business Plan: Starting at just $11.99 per month, it’s the perfect choice to get your chatbot journey rolling.
  • Enterprise Plan: Aimed at the pros, starting at $199 per month, it unlocks the full potential of Chatfuel for your business.

Ready to revolutionize your business? Chatfuel is your trusted ally in crafting chatbots that speak to all age groups and transform your brand’s conversations into art. Join us today!

Best For Integrating Your Marketing

Imagine a tool that acts as your personal automation wizard, tirelessly working to lighten your workload and supercharge your efficiency. Enter Zapier, your ticket to the world of seamless automation.

Simplify and Automate Your World

Zapier is the powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. It’s your trusty sidekick in the quest to streamline your tasks and operations, whether it’s managing leads, sending out emails, orchestrating marketing campaigns, drafting contracts, or fine-tuning DevOps operations with precision user provisioning. With Zapier, no task is too big or small.

Unleash the Power of Zaps

Picture this: Zaps are like magic bridges that effortlessly connect two or more apps. They spring to life when specific conditions are met, executing tasks with precision and speed. Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and the pitfalls of human error.

Tech-Savvy or Tech-Curious? No Worries!

Here’s the best part: Zapier is your ally, whether you’re a tech wizard or just dipping your toes into the world of automation. Its user-friendly interface is a breeze to navigate, making it a perfect fit for beginners and pros alike.

Guidance and Expertise at Your Fingertips

Zapier doesn’t just leave you hanging. It’s your mentor and guide, offering a treasure trove of prebuilt Zaps for quick wins. Need something more tailored? Create your own custom Zaps to suit your unique needs.

A Glimpse into the Features

  • Zapier Transfer: Seamlessly move data between different apps, unlocking a new level of convenience.
  • Zapier Interfaces: Get a user-friendly gateway to interact with data stored in Zapier Table, simplifying data manipulation.
  • Time-Saving Automation: Bid farewell to mundane tasks like data entry, notifications, and follow-up emails.
  • Zapier Tables: Craft custom tables and columns to keep your data organized and accessible from a single hub.
  • Boost Productivity: Automate workflows that spot sales opportunities or enhance team collaboration in customer support.

Affordable Plans Tailored to You

Zapier understands that different needs require different solutions. Choose from a range of pricing plans to suit your requirements:

  • Free Plan: Get started at zero cost.
  • Starter Plan: At just $19.99 per month, unlock even more possibilities.
  • Professional Plan: For $49 per month, elevate your automation game.
  • Team Plan: At $399 per month, equip your team for collaborative success.
  • Company Plan: Priced at $799 per month (billed annually), it’s the ultimate automation powerhouse.

And More to Explore

But wait, there’s more! While Zapier is your automation hero, don’t forget there are other fantastic AI marketing tools out there like Albert, Marketmuse, and Hubspot’s Seventh Sense, ready to join you on your journey of efficiency and productivity.

So, why wait? Embrace the magic of Zapier and transform your work life into a symphony of automation and simplicity. Your future self will thank you!

What Are AI Marketing Tools?

AI-driven marketing solutions are a fresh addition, empowering marketers to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to amplify their marketing initiatives.

AI marketing solutions harness algorithms to scrutinize consumer data and deliver insights, facilitating marketers to craft superior tactics.

These solutions grant marketers an avenue to streamline the consumer experience by evaluating both internal and external data promptly, producing automatic consumer suggestions.

Through interpreting these insights, AI marketing solutions are transforming the marketing domain.

Features Of A Great Ai Marketing Tool

Natural Language Production AI-driven marketing solutions have transformed the way brands interact with customers by enabling swift content creation in line with market fluctuations.

Natural language production (NLP) serves as a vital feature empowering companies to harness a unified platform for content generation.

This functionality facilitates firms to promptly design content in sync with market shifts, user interactions, and evidence-based revelations.

Whether for promotional campaigns, website narratives, or customer assistance chatbots, NLP assists in timely content delivery.

Enterprises have the capability to craft individualized content for their clientele.

Furthermore, natural language interpretation (NLI), a distinct AI domain, aids brands in deciphering emotions in customer feedback, producing custom replies in real-time.

Deep Analytical Learning Via deep analytical learning, AI applications can swiftly sift through colossal consumer data, pinpointing trends and structures often overlooked by humans.

Since content marketing solutions empower firms to instantly produce tailored content, they remove several tedious digital marketing chores, such as manual customer grouping.

Forecasting Analysis Forecasting analysis is another hallmark of AI marketing instruments that have redefined marketing dynamics.

These analytical tools empower marketing professionals to swiftly understand customer patterns and extrapolate key takeaways.

From devising social media blueprints, boosting engagement ratios on digital platforms, or conceptualizing customer clusters, AI’s forecasting tools offer the sharpest insights for marketing deliberation.

Major platforms like Amazon and Netflix harness forecasting analysis to forecast customer inclinations, suggesting products aptly aligned with their preferences.

Marketing Streamlining Streamlining stands as another pivotal advantage of deploying AI-aided tools.

Such instruments have the capability to systematize virtually every campaign phase.

By leveraging streamlining, enterprises can diminish expenses, elevate operational effectiveness, and scale rapidly with finite assets.

Automated procedures simplify operations, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness for enterprises.

Affiliate Marketing Instruments AI-driven affiliate marketing instruments enable firms to utilize prevailing consumer analytics to curate affiliate schemes and refine campaigns for optimal engagements.

Utilizing extensive data and forecasting analysis, these tools discern apt affiliates, set appropriate commissions, monitor achievements, and alert on market variations.

The AI algorithms in these tools ensure businesses optimize their affiliate endeavors, thus conserving resources.

Customer Grouping Grouping segregates consumers based on distinct parameters, be it demographic details, buying records, or preferences.

AI is pioneering the methodology brands approach their desired audience.

From curating AI-facilitated landing sites customized to consumer inclinations to generating tailored content via deep analytical learning, AI marketing tech has equipped brands to micro-target their marketing initiatives.

With the seamless integration of AI into content marketing arsenals, companies can now group consumers swiftly and precisely, ensuring optimal engagement.

AI Marketing Tool Applications Let’s explore some dominant applications of AI marketing instruments:

Email Outreach Programs AI marketing instruments are increasingly being seen as a robust choice for email outreach programs.

Boasting formidable customer analysis prowess, intricate customer data monitoring, and forecasting tools, marketers can fashion more conversion-centric email ventures.

Additionally, AI marketing solutions are gaining traction for their unparalleled insights into effective email outreach strategies.

AI swiftly deciphers user tendencies, highlights novel applications, and offers actionable directives for optimal targeting through email marketing utilities.

Strategic Content Insights Firms can refine their content strategies for maximum returns using AI-backed tools for in-depth insights.

From basic WordPress sites to intricate online storefronts, AI content frameworks have ushered in a new era with forecasting tools and tailored product suggestions.

Social Media Outreach AI marketing solutions are witnessing rising popularity within social media promotional spaces.

Their proficiency in automating and structuring tasks like post scheduling, customer interaction, and data interpretation allows social media promoters to emphasize crafting relatable content.

For instance, Facebook Messenger robots can systematize client service functions and give custom feedback on consumer behaviors, drawing from prior customer engagements.

A social media promotional firm employing AI solutions can promptly address customer queries, fostering brand loyalty.

Social media promoters now have unparalleled access to deep consumer insights, enabling them to devise more impactful campaigns.

With a growing number of platforms integrating AI marketing solutions, promotional experts can exploit its advanced functionalities within their social media tools.

Customer Interaction Management Customer interaction management (CIM) is foundational for a triumphant content strategy.

A content blueprint that harnesses CIM data for enhanced targeting, grouping, and customization can dramatically shift customer brand perception.

With AI tech bridging varied media outlets with CIM platforms, brand narratives will echo consistently across channels.

A proficient AI marketing solution will:

  • Swiftly process user data
  • Offer comprehensive insights into user behaviors
  • Assist firms in honing their engagement tactics
  • Boost their campaign’s efficiency

Task Automation Employing AI marketing solutions is a boon for automating monotonous tasks like scheduling social media content or addressing client inquiries.

AI scheduling apps can automate these operations, saving significant time.

If a firm regularly employs Google Docs for content formatting, marketing AI utilities can lend a hand.

Another automation facet of this tech is the deployment of AI conversation bots for client engagement.

These bots, once trained, can respond both rapidly and accurately, allowing for more bandwidth for other priorities.


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Best Domain Provider for Blogging: GoDaddy

Best Platform for Blogging: WordPress


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