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Our primary suggestion is Constant Contact, a platform that encompasses all the essentials for most users. You can explore Constant Contact free of charge for a 60-day trial period, and there’s no need for credit card details.

Running effective email campaigns often hinges on having a reliable autoresponder. These valuable tools dispatch timed messages to targeted individuals within your email roster.

When configured correctly, an email autoresponder proves instrumental in segmenting your contacts according to behavior and various other classifications. The journey starts with pinpointing the perfect email platform.

Best Email Autoresponders:

Constant Contact
Overall Email Autoresponder

Best for Sales


Best for Visual Automations


Best for Scalable Automation


Best for Ecommerce


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The Top 10 Best Email Autoresponders

Automation is the heartbeat of modern email marketing, and Constant Contact has mastered the art. With this platform, you can automate your email campaigns and closely monitor their impact, all without writing a single line of code. Let’s dive into the user-friendly world of Constant Contact’s email automation and explore its capabilities.


The beauty of Constant Contact lies in its simplicity. Setting up automated email series, known as autoresponders, is a breeze. In just a few clicks, you can have essential emails like welcome messages, abandoned cart notifications, and drip campaigns up and running.


What’s even better? You don’t need to start from scratch. Constant Contact offers a diverse array of templates that are carefully designed to look great on both desktop and mobile devices.


However, if you’re feeling creative, you can build your autoresponders from the ground up. This grants you greater control over the timing and content of your email sequences. Once you select your trigger type and the recipient list, you can set additional criteria. This could range from traditional demographics to specific attributes that subscribers selected upon joining.


This level of customization enables you to craft emails that feel personally written for each recipient. The next step is to create or assign emails within your series. For instance, if you’re crafting a welcome series, your first email could offer a warm greeting, followed by a special deal six hours later, and a follow-up urging action the next day.


The flexibility doesn’t stop there. You can make your sequence as simple or intricate as you desire, spanning multiple emails over weeks. The possibilities are limitless, and Constant Contact gives you the tools to shape your automated email marketing strategy exactly how you envision it.


Behaviors trigger automation too. When a list member interacts with your content—opens, clicks, visits—automated emails can spring into action. You can even personalize your content based on recipient attributes like location, job title, age, and more. Imagine the impact of an email that speaks directly to the recipient’s unique profile.


For all this email automation prowess and access to one of the top email marketing platforms, consider Constant Contact’s Standard plan. It’s priced at $35/month for up to 500 contacts, with costs scaling as your contact list grows. If you’re managing a larger database, reach out to Constant Contact for tailored pricing.


Experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand with a 60-day free trial. Dive into the world of Constant Contact’s email automation and revolutionize your email marketing strategy.

GetResponse — Best for Sales

When it comes to finding the perfect email autoresponder for your sales team, my top recommendation is GetResponse. This versatile email marketing tool has all the features you need, and its built-in sales tools truly set it apart.


With GetResponse, you have a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your email subscriber journey. From lead generation to building your subscriber list using the landing page tools and webinars, GetResponse has you covered.


Once you’ve added a new subscriber to your list, you can take advantage of automated workflows to seamlessly welcome, upsell, and target individuals based on predefined categories.


GetResponse’s homepage is your gateway to launching successful email campaigns. Even better, you can start with GetResponse for free and begin converting customers right away.


Let’s delve into some of the standout features of GetResponse’s autoresponder:


  • Unlimited Daily Messages: Reach your audience as often as you need, without any restrictions.
  • Advanced Timing Settings: Ensure your messages are delivered at just the right moment for maximum impact.
  • Cycle Management Tools: Easily manage and organize your email cycles for efficient communication.
  • Day-of-Week Selection: Choose specific days for sending your emails to optimize engagement.
  • Quick Edits: Make on-the-fly edits to your email content without any hassle.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Craft visually appealing emails effortlessly using the intuitive editor.


Managing your sales funnels and lead magnet funnels is a breeze with GetResponse. Create engaging signup forms and precisely target new subscribers through social media ads.


The beauty of GetResponse lies in its seamless integration with other tools you’re already using. Whether it’s WordPress, Facebook, Stripe, Salesforce, Shopify, Etsy, or others, GetResponse ensures a harmonious workflow.


Pricing is tailored to your specific needs and the number of subscribers on your list. Let’s take a look at the starting rates for 1,000 subscribers:


  • Email Marketing: $19 per month
  • Marketing Automation: $59 per month
  • Ecommerce Marketing: $119 per month


While GetResponse offers a Free tier, please note that it doesn’t include email autoresponders.


Every plan includes essential features like email autoresponder functionality, marketing automation, and access to a library of 180+ landing page templates. If you opt for an annual contract, you can enjoy an 18% discount. A 24-month contract grants you an even greater discount of 30%. Plus, you can explore any GetResponse plan absolutely free for 30 days to experience its power firsthand.

ConvertKit — Best For Visual Automations

Are you an online creator seeking to supercharge your email marketing efforts? Look no further than ConvertKit, the ultimate tool designed to help you seamlessly expand your mailing list and drive conversions like never before.


ConvertKit is tailored to cater to your needs, even if you’re not a tech guru. Setting up your autoresponder becomes a breeze with ConvertKit’s intuitive visual automation builder. Crafted to simplify your journey, the visual editor allows you to effortlessly create complex funnels and advanced automations, all while maintaining user-friendly navigation. But that’s not all – ConvertKit goes beyond the basics, empowering you to monetize your emails through its integrated sales tools.


Embrace a plethora of additional features that further elevate your email marketing game:


  • Sign Up Forms: Engage your audience right from the start with eye-catching sign-up forms that seamlessly integrate into your website.
  • Landing Page Templates: Make a lasting impression with professionally designed landing pages, leaving your subscribers eager for more.
  • Email Designer: Create visually appealing emails that resonate with your brand, using ConvertKit’s user-friendly email designer.
  • Subscriber Segments: Tailor your messages to different segments of your audience, ensuring your content speaks directly to their interests.
  • Reporting Tools: Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns with comprehensive reporting tools that help you make data-driven decisions.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Seamlessly connect ConvertKit with your favorite tools and platforms to streamline your workflow.


ConvertKit offers an outstanding free plan that stands out in the market. With a generous cap of up to 1,000 subscribers, the free plan encompasses unlimited landing pages, access to over 30 premium landing page templates, subscriber tagging, custom CTAs, unlimited signup forms, and more.


Ready for even more robust features? ConvertKit’s paid plans kick in starting at just $25 per month. The pricing structure is based on your subscriber count, ensuring you get precisely what you need without breaking the bank. Unlock the full potential of ConvertKit’s visual automation features with a paid subscription.


Curious to witness the magic firsthand? Dive into ConvertKit’s premium features with an exclusive 14-day free trial. Discover the limitless possibilities as you harness the power of ConvertKit to revolutionize your email marketing game.

Moosend — Best For Scalable Automation

For both newcomers and seasoned marketers, Moosend proves to be a user-friendly and feature-rich autoresponder solution. This platform is endorsed by industry giants such as Domino’s, Gucci, Vogue Magazine, and more, instilling confidence in its capabilities.


Moosend offers a suite of fundamental email marketing tools, including a convenient drag-and-drop editor, A/B testing, list segmentation, and comprehensive data analytics.


However, where Moosend truly shines is in its proficiency in handling extensive marketing automation. The platform offers an array of automation templates, sophisticated reporting features, and precise user tracking on websites.


Moosend’s Landing Page Unleash the power of personalization on a grand scale with Moosend. With its specific workflows based on triggers, actions, and conditional controls, you can put your campaigns on autopilot. Whether it’s streamlining onboarding, lead scoring, abandoned carts, VIP offers, or other sequences, Moosend equips you with preconfigured messages that you can personalize. Alternatively, you have the freedom to craft your own unique email campaigns.


Additional notable features include:


  • Unlimited emails
  • Seamless sign-up and subscription forms
  • Creation of engaging landing pages
  • AI-powered product recommendations
  • A comprehensive knowledge base, along with efficient email and live chat support
  • Integration with over 100 platforms
  • Full GDPR compliance
  • Advanced segmentation capabilities


Starting at just $9 per month for a subscription tier catering to up to 500 subscribers, Moosend offers competitive pricing. There are multiple pricing options, catering to varying subscriber numbers. Moosend’s commitment to accessibility is evident through its free forever plan, providing essential features such as autoresponders and automation. Take the first step and explore the possibilities with Moosend’s free trial today.

SendPulse — Best For Omnichannel Marketing

Discover the world of marketing automation with SendPulse, a versatile and all-inclusive platform trusted by over 1.3 million users worldwide. While it’s renowned for its exceptional email marketing capabilities, SendPulse offers much more – it’s your gateway to comprehensive marketing automation.


Diversify Your Communication Channels


Unlike traditional email marketing tools, SendPulse goes the extra mile by offering an array of communication channels. Alongside email campaigns, you can effortlessly deploy messages through web push notifications, SMS messaging, and even interactive chatbots. Seamlessly manage all your messaging from one central hub.


Simplified Automation Setup


Setting up autoresponder campaigns has never been easier. In just a few steps, you can create intricate automation workflows. Simply define the trigger event, and your automated journey begins. Once the event is activated, your meticulously designed flow takes over, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process.


Logical and Intuitive Email Flows


Navigating SendPulse’s email flows is a breeze. The logic behind each sequence is intuitive and user-friendly. The beauty of automation lies in its simplicity – once configured, your campaigns run autonomously, leaving you with peace of mind.


Unlock the Full Potential


SendPulse offers a plethora of features to elevate your email campaigns:


  • Choose from a library of 130+ free templates
  • Craft adaptive messages for a seamless user experience
  • Create captivating subscription forms to grow your audience
  • Add a personal touch with dynamic content
  • Refine your targeting with advanced list segmentation
  • Optimize campaign performance through A/B testing
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 40 third-party applications


Flexible Pricing Tiers


SendPulse’s pricing starts at just $6.40 per month for up to 500 subscribers, offering unbeatable value. As your subscriber count increases, the rates adjust accordingly. Additionally, there’s a free plan catering to smaller needs, accommodating up to 500 subscribers with a 15,000 email limit.


For those seeking a unique approach, SendPulse presents a pay-as-you-go option. Starting at $32 for 10,000 emails, this is an ideal solution for businesses with more focused requirements.


Tailored Solutions


While there’s no bundled pricing for different communication channels, SendPulse ensures that each channel delivers optimal results. Whether it’s email, chatbots, SMS, or web push, you can customize your approach to suit your brand’s unique voice and audience preferences.


Experience the Future of Marketing


Ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy? Dive into the world of SendPulse and witness the seamless integration of email marketing, automation, and multiple communication channels. Explore SendPulse today and take your marketing efforts to new heights. Your journey towards effective and engaging communication begins now.

Benchmark Email — Best All-Inclusive Features

This robust autoresponder solution boasts scalability, designed to facilitate boundless expansion irrespective of your business’s scale or sector.


The Distinctiveness of Benchmark Email’s Autoresponder What makes Benchmark Email truly exceptional is its hassle-free marketing automation, all bundled within a single comprehensive subscription plan.


Unlike many other email autoresponders that often perplex users with intricate plans and pricing structures, Benchmark Email simplifies the experience by presenting all of its premium features within a unified paid subscription.


Upon subscribing to Benchmark Email Pro, you gain access to an array of invaluable features, including:


  • A/B Testing: Unveil the best-performing email content through easy A/B testing.
  • Targeted Emails: Deliver personalized messages to your audience segments for maximum impact.
  • Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder: Craft stunning landing pages effortlessly with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.
  • Conversion Tracking: Gain insights into your conversion rates with detailed tracking.
  • Landing Page Templates: Utilize professionally designed templates to create captivating landing pages.
  • Behavior-Based Automation: Automate responses based on user behavior for more meaningful engagement.
  • Email Engagement Automation: Enhance email interactions with automated engagement strategies.
  • Website Engagement Automation: Extend automation to your website for a seamless user experience.
  • Facebook Audience Automation: Leverage social media with automated Facebook audience engagement.
  • Pre-Built Customer Journeys: Employ pre-designed customer journeys to guide users effectively.
  • Cart Abandonment Automation: Recover potentially lost sales with cart abandonment automation.


The list of features is extensive and covers a wide range of requirements. This comprehensive plan accommodates up to 100,000 subscribers, although it doesn’t include unlimited messaging. Benchmark Email sets a monthly messaging limit at 14 times the size of your mailing list. For most users, this limitation should suffice.


Affordability and Accessibility Starting at an affordable $11.99 per month, Benchmark Email ensures you get your money’s worth. While a free plan is available, offering unlimited contacts, it does restrict your monthly emails to a mere 250, which may not be sustainable for many users.


Intrigued? Don’t hesitate to delve deeper into the world of Benchmark Email and take advantage of its powerful suite of tools. Elevate your marketing efforts today!

Omnisend — Best Email Autoresponder For Ecommerce Businesses

When it comes to ecommerce, Omnisend emerges as the email autoresponder tailor-made for your needs. This specialized marketing automation tool is a trusted companion for over 80,000 ecommerce businesses in more than 130 countries, providing unmatched email and automation solutions.


What sets Omnisend apart is its seamless integration of multiple channels within a single automated workflow. Picture this: you have the power to trigger personalized auto-response workflows for a range of scenarios, from shopping cart abandonment to post-purchase engagement.


Take a look at an illustrative example of Omnisend’s auto-response workflow in action. Customized workflows are easily activated, responding to cues like shopping cart abandonment or post-purchase interactions. Omnisend’s prowess lies in its ability to dissect the customer journey and target individuals based on specific categories. It’s all about leveraging email automation with precision, thanks to segments such as:


  • Website Visitor
  • Subscriber
  • Shopper
  • Buyer
  • Repeat Buyer


Each of these categories seamlessly enters a meticulously crafted autoresponder campaign. For instance, a buyer is promptly sent an order confirmation followed by strategic cross-selling messages. On the other hand, a website visitor encounters strategically placed signup boxes and landing pages, enticing them to subscribe.


With Omnisend, gathering visitor information is a breeze, thanks to fully customizable forms. This data proves invaluable for automating email campaigns that align with user preferences and categories.


Omnisend takes a step further by offering pre-built workflows exclusively designed for ecommerce platforms. Think cart abandonment, order confirmation, shipping updates, product abandonment, upselling tactics, and warm welcome messages – all streamlined to perfection.


Curious about the cost? Omnisend’s pricing starts as low as $16 per month, offering a generous package of 6,000 emails and 60 SMS messages. For those operating on a grander scale, the Pro plan at $59 a month comes with unlimited emails and a whopping 3,933 SMS messages.


Wait, there’s more. Omnisend even offers a free plan with a full spectrum of features. Don’t miss out; seize the opportunity to sign up for your free plan today. Your ecommerce journey is about to get a whole lot smarter and smoother with Omnisend.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) — Best All-in-One Email Automation

Brevo (formerly known as Sendinblue) stands out not only for its competitive pricing but also for its impressive array of tools and features, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking robust automation and integration options.


Among its standout features is the automation workflow editor, a powerful tool that empowers you to create and customize email campaigns. What sets Brevo apart is its ability to set triggers based on various actions such as clicks, opens, webpage visits, and more.


Brevo offers a comprehensive range of automation options. For instance, it provides a series of double opt-in emails, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for new subscribers. You can also utilize automated reminders, abandoned cart emails, discount and sale emails, and even personalized birthday greetings.


However, Brevo isn’t just an email autoresponder; it’s a complete sales and marketing suite. It offers solutions for customer acquisition, management, and retention, making it a cost-effective choice, especially for small to mid-sized businesses.


In addition to its email capabilities, Brevo presents a variety of other tools, including a CRM system, SMS marketing, live chat, and analytics. This comprehensive approach makes it an excellent option for businesses aiming to launch impactful transactional email and SMS marketing campaigns. Remarkably, even the free basic plan includes email and SMS marketing as well as live chat features.


Brevo is well-aware of the positive impact that email autoresponders can have on revenue growth and customer engagement. Its services are designed to enhance customer connections and brand loyalty.


The pricing structure of Brevo is simple and transparent:


  • Free Forever Plan: $0/month, offering unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails per day.
  • Starter Plan: For $25/month, you get 20,000 emails, no spending limit, advanced statistics, and the removal of Brevo branding.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $65/month, this plan includes 20,000 emails, marketing automation, multi-user access, Facebook ads, and landing pages.
  • Brevo+ Plan: Custom pricing – reach out to Brevo for details.


Both the Starter and Business plans allow you to adjust the number of emails you send per month based on your business requirements. Pricing scales with email volume. For instance, sending 60,000 emails monthly on the Starter plan costs $49, while the Business plan, with its added features, is priced at $89 for the same email volume.


Eager to explore Brevo’s capabilities? You can dive in right away by signing up for the free plan. This gives you the opportunity to test its features and determine if it aligns with your specific needs. Brevo’s offerings are tailored to empower your business, whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise.

Autopilot — Best For Simple Autoresponder

If the world of marketing automation seems overwhelming with its multitude of options, consider giving Autopilot a try. It offers a refreshingly simple and user-friendly dashboard that even newcomers can navigate without any hassle. Despite its streamlined appearance, don’t be quick to underestimate its capabilities.


Autopilot boasts a range of impressive features that contribute to its effectiveness, such as:


  • Email A/B Testing: Fine-tune your email campaigns for optimal results by experimenting with different variations.
  • Segmentation: Tailor your communication to specific audience segments for a more personalized approach.
  • Website Tracking: Gain insights into user behavior on your website to inform your marketing strategies.
  • Marketing Automation: Streamline and automate your marketing tasks for greater efficiency.
  • Lead Generation: Capture and nurture leads seamlessly to enhance your conversion rates.
  • Lead Scoring: Prioritize your leads based on their potential, ensuring you focus on the most promising prospects.
  • CRM Integrations: Seamlessly connect with your Customer Relationship Management system to centralize your data.
  • Sales Pipeline Automation: Optimize your sales process by automating various stages of the pipeline.


Autopilot doesn’t just stop at its core features; it integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party tools such as Facebook, Pipedrive, Twilio, Salesforce, and Google Adwords, expanding its capabilities even further.


Now, let’s delve into the plans and pricing that Autopilot offers:


Autopilot Email Autoresponder Pricing Plans:


Autopilot caters to a range of needs, from enterprise system integration to omnichannel marketing and ad retargeting.


Furthermore, Autopilot supports multi-channel marketing through SMS marketing, in-app messages, Facebook retargeting, Google Ads retargeting, and more, allowing you to connect with your audience through various avenues.


For those with larger subscriber lists exceeding 10,000, custom pricing is available. Simply reach out to the dedicated sales team for a personalized quote tailored to your specific requirements.


But that’s not all – here’s the best part: You can experience the power of Autopilot firsthand by signing up for their free plan, granting you 30 days to explore its functionalities. This risk-free trial period lets you thoroughly test its features and determine if Autopilot aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.


So, why wait? Take advantage of the opportunity to try Autopilot and witness how its simplicity and potency can transform your marketing efforts into a streamlined and successful venture.

VerticalResponse — Best Email Autoresponder For Lead Generation

VerticalResponse, a trusted choice for email automation by over a million businesses worldwide, provides a versatile solution that spans various industries, catering to businesses of all sizes.


The potential of VerticalResponse’s email autoresponder extends beyond just sending out messages. It’s a powerful tool for crafting tailored welcome sequences, nurturing leads, reviving engagement from inactive subscribers, and orchestrating personalized campaigns with automation at its core.


Picture this: a seamless, rules-based automated response series created effortlessly with VerticalResponse’s intuitive interface.


While many email autoresponders offer landing page features, VerticalResponse takes it up a notch with its exceptional custom lead capture forms, effectively boosting lead generation.


Let’s delve into the highlights of VerticalResponse’s offerings:


Streamlined Email Editor: Designing compelling emails is a breeze with VerticalResponse’s user-friendly email editor.


Automated Follow-Up: Stay effortlessly engaged with your audience by setting up automated follow-up messages.


In-Depth Reporting: Gain insights into your campaigns with advanced reporting tools that help you refine your strategies.


A/B Testing: Elevate your email game by experimenting with A/B testing for improved performance.


Landing Page Builder: Generate impactful landing pages to enhance your marketing efforts and drive conversions.


Surveys: Seamlessly integrate surveys into your campaigns to gather valuable feedback and insights.


Testing Kit: Fine-tune your emails for optimal impact using VerticalResponse’s testing kit.


And that’s not all. What sets VerticalResponse apart is its dedication to lead generation. While other platforms offer landing page tools, VerticalResponse’s custom lead capture forms stand out, ensuring you capture leads like never before.


VerticalResponse presents two flexible plans, priced at $11 and $16 per month, respectively, depending on your subscriber list size. And for those who prefer a pay-as-you-go model or fall under the nonprofit category, VerticalResponse has you covered. High-volume senders also have tailored plans to suit their needs.


Still not convinced? Give the VerticalResponse email autoresponder a spin for 60 days, absolutely free – and no credit card required. It’s an opportunity to experience firsthand how VerticalResponse can transform your email automation and engagement strategies. Don’t miss out on a chance to elevate your email game with VerticalResponse.

How to Find the Best Email Autoresponder For You

Choosing the right email autoresponder is a decision tailored to your specific requirements. The ideal choice for me might not necessarily align with your preferences.


When exploring email autoresponder options, several key aspects warrant your evaluation. Employ the subsequent approach to simplify your selection process as you weigh different alternatives.


Effective List Management and Segmentation Features An email autoresponder’s efficacy rests on your ability to seamlessly manage your contact list. Misdirected automated responses can hinder conversions.


Optimal autoresponders provide advanced list management through various tags and segmentation features. This empowers you to send precisely targeted content and guarantees timely message delivery.


For added automation, seek software that automatically segments subscribers based on their actions or behaviors. Such responses can also trigger distinct messages within automated campaigns, enhancing relevance for recipients.


Integrated Lead Generation Tools Superlative email autoresponder software should offer tools to expand your subscriber base. A popular approach involves a landing page creator and customized forms.


Certain software extends this functionality by enabling website pop-ups or supplementary opt-in forms.


Nevertheless, an autoresponder with built-in lead generation capabilities is advisable. Otherwise, you might need to invest in a separate lead generation tool.


Consider Sending Limits It’s prudent to note that not all email autoresponders support unlimited messaging.


Some platforms impose a cap on monthly message quantities. It’s crucial to examine this limit closely. Specific campaigns may trigger a sequence of 3-5+ messages per subscriber. Hence, ensure that the cap aligns with your sending requirements.


In scenarios where your needs surpass these limitations, upgrading to a higher tier or opting for software with unlimited email capabilities might be necessary.


Subscriber List Size Matters The size of your subscriber list holds significance.


Managing 500, 5,000, or 50,000 subscribers presents differing challenges. Certain solutions cater to smaller lists, while others are designed for scalability.


Verify that your chosen email autoresponder and plan possess the flexibility to accommodate your evolving needs as your subscriber list grows. Failure to do so could result in the need to switch providers within a few years.

The Top Email Autoresponder in Summary

What’s the best email autoresponder? Constant Contact is my top pick, and my research shows that it’ll be an excellent option for most of you.


Adding automation to your email marketing strategy is the best way to scale your campaigns. You can use email autoresponders for welcome sequences, lead nurturing, shopping cart abandonment, omnichannel marketing, and so much more.


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