33+ Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular Topics (Niches Included Too)

Blogging with purpose is the key to unlocking a world of opportunities, from expanding your market share to driving consumer engagement, revenue growth, and return on investment. 

It’s no wonder you’re eager to dive into this exciting endeavour. Just imagine the possibilities that lie ahead! But here’s the thing – many aspiring bloggers I’ve come across still find themselves grappling with a fundamental question: What should we actually blog about?

Now, before we jump into that, there might be few of you who would be wondering what are the Best blogging platform for building your content and influence, so here you go; for the rest of you just scroll down and check out the Blogging Ideas that are guaranteed to be popular topics. 

The Best Blogging Platforms for Building Out Your Content

WordPress with Hostinger

Build better sites and stores with fully managed hosting from Nexcess with faster speeds, stronger security, scalability, and trusted support.


Build better sites and stores with fully managed hosting from Nexcess with faster speeds, stronger security, scalability, and trusted support.


Build better sites and stores with fully managed hosting from Nexcess with faster speeds, stronger security, scalability, and trusted support.


Build better sites and stores with fully managed hosting from Nexcess with faster speeds, stronger security, scalability, and trusted support.


Build better sites and stores with fully managed hosting from Nexcess with faster speeds, stronger security, scalability, and trusted support.

Table of Contents

Coming back to the question: What should we actually blog about?

Product placement: Well, with our range of innovative products at your disposal, you can effortlessly conquer this challenge and embark on a blogging journey that will captivate your audience and yield remarkable results.

More specific content: Now, let’s delve into the realm of purposeful content and explore some captivating topics that will set your blog apart from the competition.

  • The Power of Storytelling: How Sharing Personal Anecdotes Can Connect You with Your Audience
  • Unleashing Creativity: Discovering Exciting Ways to Showcase Your Product or Service
  • The Ultimate How-To Guides: Empowering Your Readers with Actionable Steps and Expert Advice
  • Behind the Scenes: Offering a Sneak Peek into Your Business to Foster Transparency and Trust
  • Trendspotting: Staying Ahead of the Curve by Sharing Insights and Predictions in Your Industry

By incorporating these specific topics into your blogging strategy, you’ll not only engage your readers but also position yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche. 

Remember, purposeful content is the driving force behind a successful blog, and with our exceptional products, you have the tools to transform your blogging aspirations into reality. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating purposeful content that will leave a lasting impact on your audience and elevate your blog to new heights.


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Before You Can Write a Great Blog Post You Need a Blog

Skip this section if you already have a website, yet if not then this section is crucial as it will or can make or break your blogging journey. 

Let’s dive into the recipe for blogging success!


1. How to Create a Website – (Check this dedicated article)

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My top picks are Wix, Squarespace, and Hostinger


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4. How to Start a Blog That Makes Money – (Check this dedicated article)

Have you ever dreamt of turning your passion for blogging into a lucrative income stream?

This dedicated article is your gateway to making money from your blog. We’ll walk you through the essential steps, from identifying your niche to creating valuable content and implementing effective monetization strategies. Get ready to unlock the potential of your blog!


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6. The Best Blog Platforms and Sites Compared – (Check this dedicated article)

Not sure which blogging platform is right for you? We’ve got you covered. In this section, we compare the top blog platforms and sites available.

Whether you value customization options, community support, or seamless integration with social media, we’ll help you find the perfect platform to elevate your blogging journey.

33+ Types of Articles, Topics, and Approaches for Blogging Success

Are you seeking inspiration for your blog? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of 35 types of articles, topics, and approaches that have proven to be immensely successful for bloggers. From in-depth tutorials to listicles, personal stories to product reviews, this section will ignite your creativity and help you attract and engage your audience effectively.

1. How To Guides

Unlock the secret to creating a wildly popular blog by tapping into people’s insatiable curiosity and desire for practical answers.

Say goodbye to boring instruction manuals and embrace the power of Google searches.

It’s time to become the go-to resource for all those unique and intriguing queries that people are typing into the search bar.

With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of helpfulness, your blog can become a thriving hub of valuable information that captivates and delights your niche audience.

So grab a glass of wine and get ready to explore the fascinating world of how-to articles. Let’s uncover the hidden gems that will make your blog an irresistible destination for knowledge seekers.

2. Politics

Politics has always been a hot topic, especially during election years. It’s an opportune time to join the conversation and delve into a specific political issue.

However, discussing politics can be a delicate matter as it tends to polarize people and stir controversy. So, brace yourself for some passionate debates and challenging discussions.

3. Bacon

When it comes to beloved food indulgences, bacon holds a special place in the hearts of many.

Just take a look at the Huffington Post, one of the leading online destinations, with a treasure trove of bacon-related articles that capture the essence of this crispy delight.

Bacon has become more than just a passing trend; it has become a culinary icon that continues to captivate taste buds worldwide. So why not join the bacon revolution and discover the irresistible allure of this timeless favorite?

4. Recipes

Looking for a way to boost traffic to your blog? Look no further than recipes! With the ever-evolving world of diet trends, there’s always a demand for new and exciting recipes that cater to different dietary preferences.

Whether it’s the latest Whole30 craze or a classic Atkins approach, recipes have the power to draw in readers and keep them coming back for more.

5. Beginner guides

Every blogger starts somewhere, and beginner guides are the perfect way to establish your expertise and build organic search traffic.

From beginner-friendly tutorials to step-by-step instructions, these guides provide valuable information for newcomers in your niche.

Take advantage of engaging formats like infographics to present beginner guides, making them visually appealing and easily shareable.

6. Ultimate guides

When it comes to subject matter experts, they are always on the lookout for credible and comprehensive ultimate guides. While the term “ultimate guide” may be overused, there are alternative phrases that can captivate readers’ attention.

Consider terms like “Essential Guide,” “Complete Guide,” “Uncensored Guide,” or even “The Last Guide to ____ You’ll Ever Need.”

These titles create a sense of authority and promise a wealth of knowledge.

Backing up your informative guides with statistics is a powerful way to establish credibility. Utilize data from authoritative sources and give them proper credit.

By incorporating well-researched data into your content, you show readers that your information is reliable and not just based on assumptions.

This strategy not only enhances the quality of your guides but also helps you gain backlinks and organic traffic.

If you have the opportunity, conducting original research and presenting case studies in blog posts can further solidify your expertise.

This not only attracts organic traffic but also encourages other websites to link back to your study as a credible source.

When you position yourself as an expert and create an ultimate guide, you’ll see a surge in popularity and engagement from your readers.

Remember, whether you’re starting with beginner guides or diving into ultimate guides, providing valuable and well-researched content will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

So, get ready to create compelling guides that establish your authority and make your blog ultimately successful!

7. Frequently asked questions

Prepare to be amazed by the power of frequently asked questions (FAQs). While they may not completely eliminate the never-ending stream of inquiries, they serve as invaluable resources for people seeking answers.

Interestingly, while FAQs are commonly featured on ecommerce websites, they are often overlooked on blogs. However, little do bloggers know that FAQs are worth their weight in gold, especially in the digital age.

Why are FAQs so valuable, you may ask? Well, it turns out that Google’s algorithm places significant importance on FAQs, questions, and popular topics when building its Knowledge Graph.

This means that if you play your cards right, you just might find yourself occupying the top spot in this coveted virtual space.

So, why not leverage the potential of FAQs and give your blog the competitive edge it deserves?

By incorporating well-crafted FAQs into your content strategy, you not only provide valuable information to your audience but also increase your chances of gaining visibility and attracting organic traffic.

Get ready to explore the untapped potential of FAQs and unlock the path to digital success.

8. Interviews

Gain a competitive edge in the world of blogging by tapping into the wisdom of industry experts.

One of the best ways to do this is through insightful interviews with professionals who have deep knowledge and experience.

These interviews can provide valuable insights and insider tips that can set you apart from the sea of bloggers out there.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be in the same room as your interviewee to have a meaningful conversation.

With platforms like helpareporter.com, you can easily connect with experts in your industry and gather their insights without leaving the comfort of your own space.

Simply prepare a list of thought-provoking questions that your audience would be eager to know, and send it to your interviewee via email.

You can also leverage the power of social media by posting your questions on platforms like Twitter to engage with a wider audience and attract the attention of industry professionals.

By seeking out these interviews and sharing the valuable knowledge you gain, you’ll position yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche and provide your audience with exclusive insights they won’t find elsewhere.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the experts and elevate your blogging game.

9. Personal stories

Dive into the captivating world of personal storytelling and unlock the power of building authentic connections with your readers.

Discover how sharing personal stories can create a lasting impact on your blog, enticing readers to engage with your brand on a deeper level.

Get ready to master the art of storytelling and take your blog posts to new heights.

And speaking of captivating stories, have you ever wondered how someone caught a shark with a pair of jeans? Keep reading to find out!

More Specific Content: Personal stories may not be keyword-filled anchor pieces, but they hold immense value for your blog.

They provide an opportunity for readers to connect with your business on a personal level, building brand affinity and loyalty.

Telling a compelling story is an art that can elevate the quality of your blog posts. When a story resonates with readers, their brains release dopamine, creating an emotional connection.

Harness the power of storytelling to your advantage.

Craft your stories to evoke specific emotions based on your objectives.

Whether it’s sadness, anger, joy, surprise, or love, your aim is to make readers feel something.

Emotional engagement keeps them hooked and eager to continue reading. This not only boosts readership but also encourages return visits to your blog.

Additionally, intriguing story titles can generate curiosity-driven traffic. Imagine stumbling upon a blog post titled “How I Caught a Shark With a Pair of Jeans.”

It’s irresistible, right? Curiosity will drive readers to click and uncover the fascinating tale.

By incorporating personal stories into your blog, you create an authentic and relatable experience for your audience.

It humanizes your brand, fosters connection, and leaves a lasting impression. So, take a leap into the world of personal storytelling and let your stories captivate and engage your readers like never before.

Your blog will flourish with the power of storytelling, inviting readers to embark on a journey they won’t want to miss.

10. Charity and activism

When it comes to making a difference in the world, your blog can be a powerful platform for showcasing your support for charitable actions, events, and activism.

Crowdfunding sites like KickStarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe appeal to the goodness in people, and by actively participating in these communities, you can not only build your readership but also contribute to a positive brand image.

Even sharing an occasional Change.org petition can make an impact.

11. Product reviews

One of the tried-and-true methods to drive traffic to your blog is by providing trustworthy product reviews.

Not only are product reviews highly valued by online users, but they also open up new revenue streams for bloggers. If you’re looking to monetize your blog from the get-go, this strategy is a smart move.

By including affiliate links, such as Amazon Affiliates, you can turn your blog into a product review powerhouse.

To establish credibility and expertise, it’s essential to focus on niche products.

Take a cue from TechRadar’s recent blog post that reviews multiple products in a single post.

12. Breaking news

Use your blog to discuss breaking news topics and engage your readers in timely discussions.

While you don’t need to compete with professional news outlets, you can still share your insights on recent events.

However, remember that accuracy is key. Timing matters, but it’s equally important to ensure that you have all the facts straight before publishing your content.

Being a reliable source of information is crucial for building trust with your audience.

For instance, TechCrunch’s blog often features breaking news stories that resonate with their tech-savvy readership.

Incorporating content related to charity and activism, product reviews, and breaking news into your blog will add depth and variety to your content strategy.

By strategically selecting topics that align with your brand and target audience, you can attract more readers, establish your expertise, and create a vibrant and engaging blog community.

Let your blog be a catalyst for positive change, a trusted resource for product insights, and a platform for staying informed about the latest news in your industry.

13. Myth-debunking

Ever wondered if everything you know about your industry is true?

Like the popular TV show Mythbusters, we all love discovering the truth and debunking misconceptions.

As a respected blogger in your niche, it’s time to shed light on common myths that have been circulating for far too long.

Compile a comprehensive list of these misconceptions and create an intriguing post that will captivate your audience.

Remember, it’s crucial to back up your claims with solid evidence.

Providing valuable and reliable information will keep your readers engaged and ensure they trust your expertise in setting the record straight.

14. Automation

In today’s fast-paced world, automation is the holy grail for B2B businesses.

If you have insights into the different ways to automate tasks and processes, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Automation is a vast topic, so select a specific area of automation that can truly add value to your readers.

Whether it’s automating email marketing campaigns, customer support, or inventory management, offer practical tips and strategies that can help businesses save time and boost productivity.

15. Troubleshooting guides

When things go wrong, we all search for reliable troubleshooting guides to help us out of a sticky situation.

These guides resonate with content seekers looking for immediate solutions. By creating well-crafted troubleshooting guides, you become their go-to resource for problem-solving.

Identify common pain points in your industry or niche and develop detailed step-by-step guides to address these issues. Your audience will appreciate your expertise and rely on your guidance to overcome challenges they encounter.

16. Contests

Looking for a fun and interactive way to engage your readers while offering something in return?

Hosting a contest can be the answer. Contests have come a long way from their questionable reputation, and they are now a valuable technique to drive traffic and reward your loyal audience.

Create exciting contests with enticing prizes that align with your niche. Encourage participation and generate buzz around your blog.

Not only will you attract new readers, but you’ll also foster a sense of community and appreciation among your existing audience.

17. Advice

Whether it’s life advice, career guidance, or industry-specific insights, valuable advice has always been in high demand.

Take inspiration from popular platforms like Lifehacker and Lifehack, which have gained prominence by offering practical advice to their readers.

Identify the topics within your niche where you can provide expert advice and share your wisdom with your audience.

People are eager to learn from those who have experienced success or have valuable insights to offer. Your advice can become a valuable commodity that resonates with your readers and establishes your authority in the field.

18. Productivity tips

In a world where time is precious, everyone is searching for ways to be more productive.

Help your readers achieve more in less time by sharing productivity tips and techniques.

Whether it’s showcasing how your product or service enhances efficiency or revealing personal productivity hacks that have worked for you, your audience will be eager to learn.

Take a cue from productivity experts like Michael Hyatt, who has seen tremendous success by incorporating productivity-related topics into his blog.

Share practical content that resonates with your readers and provides tangible value. People love sharing tips they can vouch for and others can benefit from.

19. Travel

With 126 million passports in circulation in the U.S. today, it’s no surprise that travel remains a perennial favourite when it comes to online searches.

The desire to discover new and exotic places is deeply ingrained in us. We yearn for that sense of adventure and the thrill of stepping into the unknown.

And if there’s one thing we all appreciate, it’s tips and advice on how to make travel more affordable.

Imagine yourself reading a captivating blog post filled with insider secrets on budget-friendly travel.

The anticipation of uncovering hidden gems and experiencing new cultures is exhilarating.

Depending on the season, you might find yourself dreaming about a tropical paradise like Jamaica or planning a cozy winter getaway to a picturesque mountain retreat.

The possibilities are endless.

But it’s not just travel enthusiasts who benefit from travel-related articles.

Companies in various industries have found clever ways to connect their products or services to the allure of travel. Take, for example, ToDoIst, a productivity app company.

Surprisingly, they have a blog section dedicated to travel. Why? Because they understand that their audience, seeking efficiency and balance in their lives, also appreciates the freedom and excitement that travel brings.

Even camera maker GoPro has tapped into the travel niche, publishing captivating articles featuring awe-inspiring travel footage.

They know that their audience, passionate about capturing life’s adventures, craves inspiration and seeks the next thrilling destination.

And let’s not forget Evernote, a platform known for its organization and note-taking capabilities. Even they recognize the power of travel as a shareable topic.

Their blog showcases a plethora of travel articles, offering tips on planning, staying organized, and making the most of every journey.

So, why not give travel a try on your blog? It’s a versatile topic that can seamlessly fit into various niches.

Whether you’re in the business of productivity tools, photography equipment, or organization solutions, travel has a way of captivating audiences and igniting their desire to explore.

By incorporating travel-related content, you’ll not only engage your readers but also tap into the potential for social sharing among a highly interested and receptive audience.

So, pack your virtual bags, embark on a new blogging adventure, and watch as your audience joins you on a thrilling journey through the world of travel.

Whether it’s sharing budget tips, stunning travel footage, or organization hacks, your blog can become a frequent destination for those seeking inspiration, knowledge, and a touch of wanderlust.

Let the allure of travel propel your blog to new heights as you connect with readers who are eager to embark on their own unforgettable adventures.

20. History

Looking back in time can be a fascinating journey, and incorporating history lessons into your blog is a fantastic way to provide valuable and engaging content.

While many bloggers focus on current events, occasional forays into history can bring depth and consistency to your blog.

21. Gifs and Memes

Buzzfeed’s popularity wasn’t solely due to listicles. Memes and gifs played a significant role in captivating audiences.

Gifs offer the visual experience of a video, providing entertainment and capturing attention. Incorporating these eye-catching elements into your blog can add a fun and engaging touch for your readers.

22. Funny stories

Humor is a universal language that never fails to bring people together. 

Posts that make readers laugh are often shared across social networks, creating a ripple effect of engagement. 

Just take a look at popular websites like Buzzfeed, The Onion, Clickhole, and BoredPanda—they owe their success to their ability to make people chuckle.

23. Parenting tips

Parenting is a lifelong journey, and any advice or tips in this area are always appreciated.

Blogging moms have established conferences and conventions, sharing their experiences and wisdom with others.

Dad bloggers are also emerging as popular and respected sources of information. Embracing the parenting niche can help you tap into a supportive and sustainable industry.

24. Upcoming events

The blogosphere is always abuzz with anticipation when exciting events are on the horizon.

Whether it’s global spectacles like the Olympics or local gatherings such as concerts or book readings, upcoming events dominate online searches.

By highlighting and discussing these events on your blog, you can capture the interest and excitement of your readers.

25. Internet stars

Teaming up with influential internet personalities can significantly boost your following and help you stay competitive in the digital landscape. Many content creators are actively collaborating with and featuring the biggest internet stars to expand their reach. If names like PewDiePie and The Fine Bros are unfamiliar to you, it’s time to immerse yourself in their world and discover their impact.

26. Tech support

Companies in the technology sector often provide technical support through their blogs. Whether it’s offering guidance on hardware, software, or technology services, major players like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook maintain extensive online knowledge bases to assist users. As technology continues to evolve, so do these support platforms, serving as valuable resources for both individuals and businesses alike.

27. Gift ideas

‘This the season for spreading joy and exchanging gifts!

As the holiday season approaches, our blog is here to guide you with a curated selection of gift ideas for your colleagues, friends, and family.

We know how important it is to find that perfect present, and our affiliate links not only help you discover the ideal gift but also support our blog’s mission.

28. Best-ofs

Looking back at the highlights of the year, the decade, or even the entire century can be a captivating experience.

Just like WatchMojo built an empire on top 10 lists, we too believe in the power of recognizing the best in every industry.

Our collection of best-of articles is designed to captivate your attention and celebrate the excellence within our niche.

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary achievements and products that have left an indelible mark.

29. Respond to readers comments

We believe in the power of community and the value of genuine interactions. That’s why we take the time to read and respond to your comments. 

Our goal is to create a real connection with you, our readers, by addressing your questions, concerns, and suggestions. 

We want you to know that we genuinely care about your experience and are here to provide guidance and support. 

So keep the comments coming, and let’s engage in a meaningful conversation.

30. Lists

There’s something captivating about a well-structured list that promises concise and organized content. 

It’s no wonder that lists have become a popular format for blog posts. 

In fact, you’re reading one right now! We understand the appeal of easily digestible information, and that’s why we love creating lists. 

From practical tips to informative insights, our lists cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that you find value in every point. 

So, get ready to explore our collection of list posts that will satisfy your craving for straightforward and engaging content.

31. Infographics

Want to take your blog posts to the next level? Incorporating visual content is essential, but why not go even further and create blog posts that are primarily infographics? 

With a wealth of facts and statistics in your niche, you can compile them into captivating infographics to share on your blog. 

Other websites are constantly seeking valuable content to enhance their blog posts, and if your infographics are relevant, accurate, and visually appealing, they’ll gladly use them. 

This not only gives you credit as the image source but also drives traffic back to your website when people see your infographics on other sites. 

Additionally, these backlinks contribute to improving your SEO ranking. 

If needed, you can hire someone to create the infographics for you. Include them in new blog posts and provide insightful commentary on the facts and statistics. 

To encourage sharing, make it easy for readers to access and share the infographics.

32. Fitness

We all dream of waking up with six-pack abs, and the quest for a healthier lifestyle never ends.

Fortunately, the field of fitness constantly evolves, offering new breakthroughs worth discussing and sharing in your blog posts. 

In fact, fitness-related content has been among the most widely shared genres on the web. Buzzsumo, a social sharing giant, reported that health-related topics gained significant popularity in 2015. 

Notably, three of the most shared posts on BuzzFeed that year revolved around health, diet, and fitness tips. Buzzfeed’s expertise in shareable content is undeniable, making it a valuable source for inspiration. 

To tap into the fitness blogging trend, start by exploring the top fitness blogs on Google. 

Discover what the industry is buzzing about and write your own post, relating it to your business. 

By leveraging the interest in fitness, you can generate engagement and highlight how your product or service contributes to a healthier lifestyle. It’s a straightforward strategy with immense potential.

33. Share your secrets

Want to build a deeper connection with your audience? It’s time to embrace transparency and authenticity. 

Sharing insights into your business practices and processes can be a powerful way to engage your readers. 

Let them in on the secrets “from the horse’s mouth.” People love feeling like they have access to exclusive knowledge. 

I’ve personally found great success in this approach by updating my audience on the $100,000 challenge, revealing all the relevant data, metrics, and revenue numbers, and openly sharing the valuable lessons I’ve learned from my experiment. 

Consider pulling back the curtain and sharing your secrets in a captivating blog post.Want to build a deeper connection with your audience? It’s time to embrace transparency and authenticity. 

Sharing insights into your business practices and processes can be a powerful way to engage your readers. 

Let them in on the secrets “from the horse’s mouth.” People love feeling like they have access to exclusive knowledge. 

I’ve personally found great success in this approach by updating my audience on the $100,000 challenge, revealing all the relevant data, metrics, and revenue numbers, and openly sharing the valuable lessons I’ve learned from my experiment. 

Consider pulling back the curtain and sharing your secrets in a captivating blog post.


34. Start a series or a regular feature

Some topics are simply too vast to be covered in a single post, no matter how long it is. 

If you encounter one of these expansive subjects, why not break it up into a series for your eager readers? 

Create cliffhangers at the end of each installment to keep them eagerly returning for more. 

Alternatively, you could establish a weekly or monthly feature for your blog. 

For instance, you could shine a spotlight on noteworthy happenings in your niche on Social Media Mondays, or introduce a new product or service every month.

35. Share customer success stories

The satisfaction of your customers is an invaluable asset. When you receive expressions of appreciation, why not ask if you can showcase their success stories in a blog post? Craft a compelling narrative by first describing the problem the customer faced. Illustrate how they found a solution by using your product or service. Including actual comments from the satisfied client can add an extra layer of authenticity and engagement to the post. Celebrate these triumphs and let your audience see the real impact your offerings can have on people’s lives.


In conclusion, the ever-changing landscape of popular blogging topics can be both thrilling and unpredictable. What may be in vogue today could fall out of favor tomorrow. But fear not, as that’s all part of the excitement and drama of the blogging world. Embrace the challenges, adapt to the shifts, and keep your traffic flowing.

The topics, techniques, and tactics we’ve explored above have proven themselves time and again to be powerful drivers of blog popularity. While you may already have a steady stream of traffic and a satisfied audience, there’s always room for improvement. If you’re up for the challenge, why not give some of these strategies a try?

Remember, being a successful blogger is a journey of continuous improvement. Don’t be afraid to experiment and push your boundaries. With dedication and perseverance, you can become the world’s most popular blogger and continue to captivate your audience with fresh and engaging content. So, take the leap and embrace the excitement of the ever-evolving blogging world!

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