7 Best Microlearning Platforms of 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Crafting the ideal training is pivotal in replicating success within your enterprise – eliminating the need to always begin anew.

Furthermore, training evolves into a journey of consistent improvement, especially when technology augments its efficiency.

As the years progress, various e-learning platforms are continually enhancing their feature sets. Being aware of the pros and cons that e-learning offers your participants is crucial for a well-informed choice about the right platform.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there’s a specialized subset of learning management systems, termed as microlearning platforms. They’re tailored for succinct, concentrated training materials.

Such platforms are ideal for personnel who perhaps already have some know-how and require a quick recap, or newcomers needing to establish basic expertise in a specific field.

Put simply, there’s no imperative to delve as extensively into a topic as might be the case in other scenarios.

In this piece, I’ll outline the top microlearning platforms and their primary features, guiding you to the ideal selection for your enterprise.

Let’s delve deeper into this subject.

Top Five :

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What Are The Best Microlearning Platforms?

The following are the microlearning platforms to consider.

Best Overall Microlearning Platform.

Are you in search of the best microlearning platform that caters to all your training needs? Look no further than Tovuti!

Unparalleled User-Friendly Interface

Tovuti boasts a user interface that’s not only sleek and modern but also incredibly intuitive. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, navigating Tovuti is a breeze.

Versatile Features to Elevate Learning

Tovuti doesn’t just stop at user-friendliness; it offers a treasure trove of features. You can create tailor-made courses, monitor learners’ progress, and grant certifications upon course completion.

What sets Tovuti apart is its lightning-fast training launch. No need to wait for months; you can swiftly build cloud-based courses or import existing eLearning content, be it PDFs, videos, slide decks, or SCORM files.

Moreover, Tovuti presents an extensive content marketplace with 7,000 pre-built courses, ready for your learners to dive into right away.

Empower Your Training with Robust Analytics

Tovuti puts the power of analytics in your hands. With its array of tracking and reporting features, you can gauge the effectiveness of your training programs and make real-time adjustments for optimal results.

Key Features to Ignite Your Learning Journey

  • SCORM Compliance: Ensures your content meets the highest standards.
  • PowerPoint Importer: Craft courses swiftly from your existing presentations.
  • Media Library: Instant access to all your course’s media files.
  • Course Content Library: Your one-stop destination for all course content needs.
  • Seamless Lesson Creation: Crafting and editing lessons and classes is a breeze within the Tovuti interface.

Seamless Creation of Micro-Courses

With Tovuti’s built-in media library and course content marketplace, crafting micro-courses has never been easier. Engage with other Tovuti users via the forum and build a thriving learning community.

Affordable Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

Tovuti offers flexible pricing plans designed to accommodate your organization’s size:

  • 50 Users: $775/month + Setup Fee: $2.5K
  • 250 Users: $945/month + Setup Fee: $3K
  • 500 Users: $1,325/month + Setup Fee: $3.5K
  • 1,500 Users: $1,925/month + Setup Fee: $4K

Need more users? Tovuti’s team is just a chat away, ready to cater to your specific requirements.

The Pros and Cons of Tovuti: Our Take


  • Collaboration Tools: Foster collaboration among learners and instructors.
  • Intuitive Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into your training’s effectiveness.


  • Virtual Classroom Buffering: Occasional buffering during crowded lessons can be a minor setback.

Product Updates: Charting New Learning Paths

Now, Tovuti allows you to set learning paths, ensuring your learners navigate through a series of courses, guaranteeing the acquisition of the desired knowledge level.

Best For Quick Learning.

Are you seeking a platform that breaks down complex topics into bite-sized, manageable microlearning modules? Look no further than EdApp!

Rapid Learning for Busy Employees

EdApp specializes in transforming intricate concepts into easily digestible microlearning modules, ideal for employees seeking rapid knowledge acquisition without the burden of lengthy training sessions.

A Toolbox of Features to Boost Learning

EdApp is not just about quick learning; it offers an integrated authoring tool, social learning capabilities, and a plethora of analytics to monitor learner progress and enhance employee engagement.

With its mobile learning platform accessible on iOS and Android devices, your employees can learn on the go, at their own pace.

Additionally, EdApp integrates seamlessly with tools like Canva, facilitating the effortless creation of visuals for your courses.

Key Features to Elevate Your Learning Experience

  • Mobile Learning Platform: Empower learners to gain knowledge anytime, anywhere.
  • Canva Integration: Simplify the creation of stunning visuals for your courses.
  • Free Course Library: A treasure trove of course content awaits you.
  • PowerPoint Conversion: Transform existing presentations into engaging courses.

A Seamless User Experience

Deliver your courses effortlessly to both desktop and mobile users with EdApp. Thanks to the user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, creating courses is a breeze, even if you’re not a tech guru.

Budget-Friendly Plans to Suit Your Needs

Choose from EdApp’s flexible pricing plans:

  • EdApp Free: $0
  • EdApp Growth: $1.95 per active user/month
  • EdApp Plus: $2.95 per active user/month

The Good and the Not-So-Good of EdApp: Our Insights


  • Affordable Pricing: Reasonable costs, especially given the quick course development.
  • User-Friendly Authoring Tool: No coding knowledge required.


  • Lack of Advanced Coding Options: Advanced coding measures could enhance the platform.

Product Updates: Streamlined Learner Onboarding

EdApp now allows you to invite learners with a QR code or a simple link, enabling them to embark on their learning journey immediately.

In conclusion, whether it’s Tovuti’s comprehensive features or EdApp’s swift learning capabilities, both platforms offer remarkable solutions for your microlearning needs. The choice is yours!

Best For Engaging Experiences

When it comes to creating immersive and engaging learning experiences, look no further than Gnowbe. It’s your all-in-one platform for teaching, guiding, and connecting with your audience, all from a single place.

🎓 Teaching Reimagined Gnowbe empowers you to craft content for in-person teaching, virtual events, or a delightful blend of both. The choice is yours.

📊 Real-Time Insights Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time data tracking and learner interaction. Ensure your lessons resonate and truly stick.

🌟 Seamless Content Creation No steep learning curves here! Crafting content is a breeze, so you can dive right into sharing knowledge that matters.

📢 Stay Connected Send push notifications to keep your learners in the loop about new content drops or upcoming events. Stay top-of-mind effortlessly.

📈 Monitor and Adapt Stay agile with critical engagement metrics. Track learner progress and make on-the-fly adjustments for optimal impact.

🔑 Key Features

✏️ Easy content creation process for a swift start 

🔄 System integrations for seamless connectivity 

📱 Multi-platform capabilities for content versatility 

💲 Flexible pricing tailored to your needs 

📊 Key metrics for monitoring learner progress

🌈 User Experience

🎮 Engaging Learning Exciting quizzes and games transform learning into an enjoyable adventure on Gnowbe. Education meets entertainment!

🤝 Seamless Integration Effortlessly integrate Gnowbe with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience.

💰 Pricing: 📋 Explore Gnowbe Plans:

  • Free (up to 20 users): $0
  • Starter (up to 100 users): $26.1 per month per creator
  • Pro (up to 500 users): Contact our sales team
  • Enterprise (unlimited users): Reach out to our dedicated sales experts

What I Love/Have Concerns About Gnowbe

👍 What I Love:

  • Gnowbe’s sleek design and user-friendly navigation.
  • Quick learning curve for setting up microlearning experiences.

👎 What I Have Concerns About:

  • Some reporting functions can be a tad challenging to locate and utilize.

🚀 Product Updates: We now offer guided tours to ensure that new users get started on Gnowbe swiftly and effortlessly.

Best For Direct Integration

Spekit doesn’t just add to your toolkit; it seamlessly integrates with your workflow, enhancing productivity without distractions.

🔍 In-App Guidance Empower your employees with in-app guidance, offering instant support right where they need it, when they need it.

🚀 Elevate Sales Training Spekit can cut your sales training time in half, allowing employees to self-train into subject matter experts, all virtually.

🎨 Visual Interface, Automated Coaching Spekit’s visual interface and automated coaching ensure employees ramp up quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

🌐 Digital Adoption Center With digital adoption at its core, Spekit guarantees active platform use and not just passive content consumption.

🧭 Easy Onboarding Get started effortlessly with essential app training resources that simplify your Spekit journey.

🔑 Key Features

🔗 Link content seamlessly across tools for a swift start 

📂 Embed training within any app for easy employee access 

👣 Step-by-step flows guide employees to the help they need 

🔎 Lightning Component lets you search across Outlook, Slack, and more

 📜 Print PDF manuals for offline reference

🌈 User Experience

🏗️ Build Microlearning with Ease Create microlearning courses as effortlessly as you would craft a document to share with your team.

💰 Pricing: 📋 Spekit’s Pricing:

  • $20 per user per month Simplify billing and budgeting with this straightforward package. No lengthy contracts needed!

What I Love/Have Concerns About Spekit

👍 What I Love:

  • Spekit resides seamlessly within Salesforce, ensuring easy access to vital information.
  • Its simplicity makes conveying information to the team both effortless and effective.

👎 What I Have Concerns About:

  • Occasionally, syncing with different systems when accessing Spekit content in various apps can be a bit tricky.

🚀 Product Updates: Spekit now offers step-by-step walkthroughs with Spekit Flows, enabling employees to quickly and easily get up to speed.

Best For Scaling Training Program

🌟 Effortless Learning Program Management: LearnUpon simplifies the deployment and administration of training programs for your employees, partners, and customers. Our microlearning platform empowers you to create a seamless, personalized learning experience.

🚀 Unlock the Power of Training Strategy: At LearnUpon, we believe in the significance of a structured training strategy. Our platform offers a clear overview of your employees’ progress and training needs, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

🔗 Seamless Integrations: We understand the importance of integrating learning seamlessly into your workflow. LearnUpon offers a plethora of integrations with everyday tools, ensuring that learning becomes an integral part of your employees’ routine.

📊 Key Features That Transform Learning:

  • Course Creation Tools: Craft engaging courses effortlessly using our content library or your materials.
  • Training Delivery Features: Ensure your learners stay on track with automatic enrolment, scheduled courses, and email notifications.
  • Learner Engagement Tools: Elevate engagement through social learning and gamification.
  • Portals: Create a one-stop-shop for all your learners’ educational needs.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Gain valuable insights into learner progress and performance.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect LearnUpon with your existing systems.

👩‍💻 User Experience: LearnUpon offers a user-friendly interface that provides users with easy access to crucial information. Learners can effortlessly track enrolled courses, upcoming live sessions, and start or stop classes at their convenience.

💰 Pricing: Ready to explore the world of LearnUpon? Schedule a live demo to see how we can revolutionize your training programs.

What We Love About LearnUpon


  • The unparalleled customization options for tailoring training programs to your company’s unique needs.
  • Detailed reporting on learner engagement and progress, offering an in-depth understanding of your training initiatives.


  • In isolated instances, the platform may experience slower performance.

🌍 Global Accessibility: LearnUpon is available in over 20 languages, allowing you to train your employees in their native tongue.

Unleash the full potential of your training programs with LearnUpon – the future of scalable, effective learning.

Best For Various Training Sharing Methods

🌟 Mobile-First Learning: Embrace a mobile-first approach for both course creators and learners. Create and consume content effortlessly on the go with 7taps.

🚀 Efficiency in Content Creation and Delivery: Revolutionize your content creation workflow and delivery methods with our cutting-edge tools. Craft a microlearning program that captivates and educates.

🌐 Diverse Sharing Options: Share your training in multiple ways, including HTML embedding, email, direct links, SMS, and more. Your learners will always have easy access.

💰 Affordable Pricing Plans: Choose from a range of pricing plans to suit your needs, including a free option, Starter at $20, Pro at $84 (billed annually), and an Enterprise plan at $496 per month (annual billing only).

Join the microlearning revolution with 7taps – where learning knows no boundaries.

Revolutionize Training with Axonify: Where Live Updates Thrive

Axonify takes the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to new heights with its game-changing microlearning platform.

📱 Device Flexibility: Deploy and manage training materials effortlessly on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Training becomes seamlessly integrated into your employees’ workflow.

📈 Empower with Real-Time Insights: Track and improve your training program with comprehensive statistics. Ensure your employees are always on the path to success.

🚀 Instant Communication: Keep your employees updated with real-time updates and changes, all from a central location.

💼 Compliance Assurance: Stay on top of your employees’ progress and compliance standards with our robust tools.

🎯 Customized Content: Tailor content to meet your organization’s unique needs, and get new employees up to speed with ease.

Ready to elevate your training program? Schedule a call with our team and let’s discuss how Axonify can transform your approach to learning.

Discover more microlearning platforms such as TalentCards, eduMe, and iSpring for a comprehensive array of options to suit your organization’s needs.

What Are Microlearning Platforms?

Amidst a plethora of training instruments designed to enhance staff efficiency, the micro-learning platform stands out as a versatile tool apt for diverse sectors and enterprises.

If your goal is to develop courses on software programming, captivate students through distance learning, or offer concise modules that wrap up in minutes, then a microlearning system is your answer.

Such platforms simplify the process of crafting and overseeing training agendas with their comprehensive content repositories and functionalities.

With the appropriate microlearning system, the inbuilt course-creation features can guarantee that your lessons are both dynamic and captivating.

Furthermore, there are platforms equipped with perks such as collaborative learning, evaluation mechanisms, and adaptability to mobile devices, all curated to tailor a training scheme that resonates with your workforce’s requisites.

The Benefits Of Online Training

Crafting microlearning materials stands apart from conventional in-person corporate training.

A major distinction is the ability of microlearning to be offered online, presenting numerous perks.

Given that current employee training is now more concise and outcome-centric, a microlearning module can support every sector of an enterprise in achieving their objectives.

Be it a marketing team looking to learn about new product specifics, or a support team wishing to refresh their grasp of company protocols, microlearning serves to present this knowledge in a captivating and dynamic manner.

Here are some advantages that microlearning applications can extend to a business.

  • Enhanced Learner Involvement With the capacity to design concentrated courses, it becomes easier to maintain employee attention throughout their learning journey.

Crafting microlearning materials allows for the integration of varied media like videos, graphical representations, and sound clips to enrich the learning experience.

  • Easier Concentration for Employees The essence of microlearning is to offer staff bite-sized, comprehensible information chunks.

This simplifies the task for employees, making it more straightforward for them to concentrate and remember the lessons.

  • Economical and Efficient Compared to Classical Training Techniques When discussing staff training, considerations of time and expense are always pivotal.

Microlearning solutions are less costly compared to old-school training like in-class sessions.

Moreover, they offer efficiency as staff can navigate through compact courses at a rhythm comfortable to them, even outside typical hours.

  • Adaptable to Varied Learner Profiles, Including Visual and Auditory Microlearning instruments guarantee that your tutorials are accessible to every kind of learner.

Given their flexible delivery in diverse formats like sound, video, and written content, employees typically get to select the method they’re most comfortable with.

  • Applicable to Diverse Training Subjects Training schemes that enhance your staff’s abilities and awareness can be devised using microlearning utilities.

A multitude of subjects, ranging from client relations, product familiarity, to organizational guidelines, can be addressed in your digital courses.


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