7 Best Customer Experience Software of 2023 (Ranked)

The emphasis on customer experience continues to dominate the corporate landscape as businesses work hard to stay ahead.

For enduring customer bonds, it’s essential that businesses offer their customers (including potential ones) stellar experiences at every interaction.

Thanks to customer data platforms that pull information from diverse origins, offering a holistic view of your client, there’s enhanced potential to refine their experience.

Moreover, with connections to CRM systems that facilitate the automation of tasks and processes, the choice in client management software available to businesses is unparalleled.

However, given the plethora of data sources, it’s understandable if businesses feel overwhelmed about where to begin.

After all, choosing which data to rely on is pivotal to charting the right course.

In this piece, I will spotlight the top customer experience software platforms available today, guiding you towards the ideal pick tailored for your business.

Let’s dive in.


Table of Contents

What Are The Best ClickBank Alternatives?

Here are the top ClickBank alternatives right now.

Best Overall For Customer Experience

In the ever-evolving world of customer relations, Salesmate shines as your ultimate partner. Not just a tool, but a catalyst for your journey towards building and growing revenue through exceptional customer relationships.

✨ Unleash the Power of Salesmate 

Salesmate is your trusted companion, perfectly suited for sales and customer success teams seeking enhanced collaboration and process optimization. With our simple, personal, and customizable dashboards, you’ll embark on a seamless journey to unlock your full potential.

🚀 The Salesmate Advantage 🚀

Imagine having the ability to effortlessly track contacts and deals across various channels, automate workflows, and gain real-time insights into your business. Salesmate makes this dream a reality, positioning itself as the top choice for anyone striving to elevate their customer experience.

🌟 Key Features 🌟

📊 A visual sales pipeline ensures you can effortlessly track and manage your sales journey from inception to completion.

📅 Email & calendar sync keeps your sales process impeccably organized, automating tasks, appointments, and events based on emails and calendar entries.

📈 Sales activity tracking empowers you to identify the most effective strategies for propelling deals through your pipeline and generating revenue.

🔄 Sales sequences revolutionize your workflow by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – selling.

🤝 Lead assignment ensures that every lead is promptly followed up, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

🌐 User Experience 🌐

With Salesmate, you get a dynamic dashboard that consolidates your pipelines, deals, and contacts all in one place. Stay updated on your sales goals and progress effortlessly, making it a breeze to monitor your journey towards your targets.

💲 Pricing 💲

Salesmate offers flexible pricing plans designed to suit your needs:

  • Starter: $12
  • Growth: $24
  • Boost: $40
  • Enterprise: Custom

What We Love and What We’d Love to See Improved About Salesmate

👍 What We Love 👍

  • The intuitive interface makes getting started with Salesmate a breeze, even if you’re new to customer experience software.
  • Our responsive support team ensures your questions are answered promptly, often within just a few minutes.

👎 What We’d Love to See Improved 👎

  • We believe there’s room for improvement in scheduling on and off-hours for taking calls.

🚀 Product Updates 🚀

We’re constantly evolving to meet your needs:

  • Drag & drop email template builder and editor – Craft beautiful, responsive email templates with ease, no HTML skills required.
  • Formula fields in Salesmate – Dive deeper into your customer data, with custom calculations and data manipulation at your fingertips.

Ready to enhance your customer experience? Take the leap and start your journey with Salesmate today!

👉 Try Salesmate Now 👈

Best For Monitoring Customer Status

Freshdesk is your all-in-one solution for support, sales, marketing, and IT solutions, streamlining your business operations and enhancing your customer experience.

🚀 The Freshdesk Advantage 🚀

Our integrated suite of products simplifies the task of delivering an exceptional customer experience. Having everything you need in one place is a game-changer, making Freshdesk the top choice for businesses that want it all.

🤝 Foster Meaningful Conversations 🤝

Engaging in more meaningful conversations becomes second nature with Freshdesk, simplifying support and boosting your ability to close deals.

🌟 Always Evolving 🌟

We are committed to your success and constantly evolving with new features and updates to enhance your productivity.

🌟 Key Features 🌟

🔍 Monitor customer health – Identify issues early to prevent them from becoming significant. 

🛡️ Proactively manage ‘At Risk’ customers – Ensuring they receive the best possible experience. 

🔥 Transform traditional ‘business firefighting’ into an enjoyable process by swiftly resolving customer issues.

💼 Grow the value of each customer – Upsell and cross-sell relevant products and services. 

📈 Discover actionable customer trends – Make informed decisions about the direction of your business.

🌐 User Experience 🌐

Freshdesk offers an intuitive user experience, consolidating all your essential contact information in one location, enabling proactive customer support. Stay updated on recent conversations with specific contacts, ensuring a consistently excellent experience.

💲 Pricing 💲

Choose the pricing plan that suits your business needs:

  • Estate: $79 per user per month
  • Forest: $129 per user per month

Our Likes and Areas for Improvement

👍 What We Love 👍

  • The ability to connect multiple channels and reach your audience where they are is an outstanding feature.
  • Create automatic personalized messages tailored to individual clients.

👎 Areas for Improvement 👎

  • Freshdesk may have a learning curve for newcomers, but the journey is worth it.

🚀 Product Updates 🚀

We constantly enhance your experience:

  • Effortless report sharing and exporting through Freshdesk Analytics, simplifying the sharing and exporting of reports.

Ready to revolutionize your customer experience? Get started with Freshdesk today!

👉 Get Started with Freshdesk Now 👈

Best For Customer Automation

Are you ready to take your customer service to the next level? In today’s world, customers crave not just service, but an unforgettable experience. Yet, many customer service reps get bogged down by tasks, losing sight of the very essence of their role – the customer.

Enter Hubspot Service Hub, your ultimate ally in ensuring customer-centric service excellence.

🔍 Why Hubspot Service Hub?

🛠️ Customer-Centric Features: Hubspot Service Hub boasts a plethora of features designed to keep your customers at the heart of everything you do. It’s not just about resolving issues; it’s about doing it seamlessly, all while maintaining a personal touch.

📚 Knowledge Base: Bid farewell to the back-and-forth dance with customers. Hubspot’s extensive knowledge base empowers you to swiftly address queries and concerns.

⏰ Automation Magic: Say hello to freed-up time! Hubspot’s automation features take care of routine tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

📊 Powerful Reporting: Keep tabs on your progress and pinpoint areas for improvement with robust reporting features. Identify opportunities to provide a superior, authentic, and personalized service.

👥 Team Harmony: Managing your team and allocating tasks effectively becomes a breeze with Hubspot’s team management tools.

🔄 Integrated CRM: Gain a 360-degree view of your customers, streamlining your service interactions.

📨 Shared Inbox: Collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring no customer issue slips through the cracks.

🤖 AI-Driven Insights: Leverage conversation intelligence, powered by AI, to understand customer sentiment better.

🌐 User-Friendly Experience: The interface is designed with you in mind, making it effortless to stay on top of customer needs and deliver top-notch service. Easily move conversations to your unassigned folder if more time is needed to resolve an issue.

📋 Pricing Plans:

  • Starter: Starts at just $45 per month.
  • Professional: Priced from $800 per month.
  • Enterprise: Tailored solutions starting at $3,200 per month.

👍 What We Like:

  • The seamless automation and flexibility through API integrations.
  • Enhancing your reach with knowledge bases in multiple languages.

👎 What We Dislike:

  • Setting up single sign-on for specific users can be challenging.

🚀 Product Updates:

Now, you can effortlessly create content in any language relevant to your business, expanding your global reach.

Ready to revolutionize your customer support experience? Choose Hubspot Service Hub!

Explore HubSpot’s Offerings ➡️ Try HubSpot Now!

Best For Solving Support Tickets

When it comes to resolving support tickets efficiently, LiveAgent emerges as a true champion. With its robust features and a whopping 130+ ticketing capabilities, LiveAgent stands tall as one of the most feature-rich customer service software solutions in the market.

🔗 Seamless Integrations: Connect LiveAgent to your existing software effortlessly.

📈 Top-Rated Chat Widget: LiveAgent’s chat widget is hailed as the world’s best, making it one of the most sought-after customer service software options today.

🚀 Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Reduce hold times while offering a personalized service with LiveAgent.

🔍 Key Features:

🌐 Custom Domains: Make it truly yours by using your domain name.

👥 Unlimited Users: Add as many users as you need, no limitations.

🔧 Fully Customizable and Scalable: Tailor LiveAgent to your unique needs.

📞 Unlimited Call Recordings: Keep tabs on customer interactions effortlessly.

📞 Attended Call Transfers: Efficiently route calls to the right agent.

🔄 Inbound and Outbound Calling: Ideal for all types of customer service.

🌐 User Experience:

The user interface is optimized for speedy and effective support ticket handling. No ticket goes unnoticed, ensuring your customers always feel heard. Assign support tickets to different agents for prompt resolution.

📋 Pricing Plans:

  • Free: Yes, there’s a free plan available!
  • Ticket+Chat: Priced at $29 per agent per month.
  • All-Inclusive: Comprehensive package at $49 per agent per month.

👍 What We Like:

  • The universal inbox for streamlined ticket management.
  • Convenient video tutorial arrangement for customers.

👎 What We Dislike:

  • The Android app’s user interface could use some improvement.

🚀 Product Updates:

  • The search bar has been redesigned for easier information retrieval.
  • Connect with customers directly from the edit screen of the contact card.

Ready to elevate your ticket resolution game? Choose LiveAgent!

Get Started with LiveAgent ➡️ Try LiveAgent Now!

Best For Understanding Customer Sentiment

If you’re a business that treasures the unique journey of every customer, then Qualtrics is your gateway to understanding customer sentiment like never before.

Qualtrics boasts an extensive array of features designed to help you gather feedback, gauge customer satisfaction, and pinpoint areas ripe for improvement. With its ultimate listening engine, it allows you to perceive even the subtlest shifts in customer sentiment. Through journey management, you can attain a holistic grasp of your customers’ experiences, enabling you to optimize their journey from the very start to a triumphant finish.

For those who aspire to deliver an exceptional customer experience by truly tuning in to what customers are voicing about your business, Qualtrics stands as an exceptional choice.

Key Features That Make Qualtrics Shine:

  • Elevate customer retention and loyalty with each customer interaction.
  • Fine-tune your customer acquisition strategy by attracting the right audience.
  • Trim down service costs while upholding top-notch customer support.

User Experience at Its Finest:

The moment you step into Qualtrics’ dashboard, you’re greeted with survey results, including your Net Promoter Score (NPS), front and center. It’s a brilliant way to stay in the know about your progress. Various informative graphs and charts further illuminate where your focus should lie to enhance customer satisfaction.

Pricing Insights:

To acquire pricing details, requesting a demo is the way to go.

What We Admire and What Gives Us Pause About Qualtrics:

What We Admire:

  • Abundant online documentation to ease your Qualtrics journey.
  • A platform teeming with functionality to define, measure, and prioritize initiatives aimed at enhancing the customer experience.

What Gives Us Pause:

  • Customization might prove a bit challenging, especially for newcomers to Qualtrics.

Product Updates Worth Noting:

Qualtrics has thoughtfully added help text for addressing bounced emails, ensuring you’re equipped to take the right steps to resolve the issue.

Best For Combining Multiple Sales Channels

Enter PipeOne.me, your go-to solution for seamlessly integrating multiple sales channels into a unified customer service powerhouse.

Ideal for businesses seeking to provide customer support through various channels such as phone, email, chat, and social media, PipeOne.me also leverages popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS to reach your customers wherever they prefer to connect.

This ensures an outstanding customer experience, regardless of how customers choose to engage with your brand. Furthermore, PipeOne.me empowers you with a consolidated view of customer profiles and preferences, allowing for personalized service delivery that sets you apart.

Key Features That Set PipeOne.me Apart:

  • Simultaneous support for multiple customers and chats, boosting efficiency.
  • A timeline view that provides a comprehensive history of interactions per contact.
  • Streamlined organization of conversations by status (active, on hold, or resolved).
  • Integrated ticket system to track and meet customer needs.
  • Flexible user permissions and access rights for tailored control.

Navigating the Pricing Terrain:

PipeOne.me’s pricing structure is refreshingly straightforward. You’ll pay based on the number of contacts you have. For instance, at the lower end, it’s $25 per month for 100 contacts, and at the higher end, $134 per month for 15,000 contacts. If you surpass 20,000 contacts, don’t fret – simply reach out to their sales team.

Elevate your customer experience, empower your team, and embrace simplicity with PipeOne.me. It’s the versatile solution your business has been waiting for.

Best For AI Workflows

Are you ready to step into the future of customer service? Look no further than Salesforce Service Cloud, your ultimate gateway to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in your workflow.

Revolutionizing Customer Service with AI Workflows

Imagine a world where your customer service team can focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional service to your valued clients. Salesforce Service Cloud turns this vision into reality by streamlining your operations with cutting-edge AI-powered workflows and automation.

Say goodbye to the days of tedious manual tasks that consume precious time and resources. With Salesforce Service Cloud, you’ll experience a profound shift in efficiency as automation takes the reins.

Elevate Customer Experiences

The Salesforce Service Cloud platform isn’t just about AI; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your customer service game. It empowers you to provide an unparalleled customer experience that keeps your clients coming back for more.

But that’s not all! When you seamlessly integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with Slack, magic happens. Your work becomes a symphony of efficiency and collaboration, allowing your customer service teams to deliver lightning-fast resolutions and impeccable service.

Key Features that Redefine Efficiency

Let’s dive deeper into the features that make Salesforce Service Cloud stand out:

  • Guided Flows: Streamline your processes with step-by-step guided flows that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
  • Smart Scheduling: Automatically assign the best-suited personnel for each task and stay updated with real-time job status.
  • Offline Access: Don’t let connectivity constraints hold you back. The field service app ensures you can serve customers whether online or offline.
  • Unified View: Bring all your digital interactions into one place, giving you a unified view of each customer’s journey.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots: Scale your support effortlessly with AI-powered chatbots, handling routine tasks while your agents tackle more complex issues.

Affordable and Accessible

Concerned about cost? Don’t worry! Salesforce Service Cloud offers a risk-free 30-day free trial or the option to watch a demo to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your needs.

In the ever-expanding world of customer experience software, Salesforce Service Cloud shines brightly. While we’ve covered its brilliance here, there are other exceptional options to explore, such as Zendesk, Zoho CRM Plus, Freshdesk, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Medallia.

Welcome to a future where AI empowers your customer service, and Salesforce Service Cloud leads the way! Discover the possibilities today.

What Are Customer Experience (CX) Software?

Customer experience software stands as an indispensable suite of tools, diligently crafted to elevate the realm of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Its profound impact spans generations, resonating with individuals of all ages.

Within the realm of customer experience management software (CXM), a world of possibilities unfurls for businesses. This comprehensive suite empowers companies with a 360-degree perspective into their customers, their myriad interactions, and the invaluable feedback they provide. The beauty of CXM software lies in its ability to bridge generational divides, appealing to the tech-savvy millennials and the seasoned veterans alike.

In the quest to enhance customer satisfaction, it is imperative for companies to decipher the sentiments encapsulated in the voices of their customers. Through CXM, they gain crystal-clear insight into what their cherished patrons have to say about the products and services offered. Here, age knows no bounds, as CXM software accommodates the wisdom of elders and the dynamism of youth.

As the reservoir of customer data continues to swell, businesses find themselves equipped to pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement. This isn’t confined to any specific demographic; it’s a universal truth that resonates with all ages, uniting generations in a common goal of improvement.

The profound capabilities of customer experience software extend to:

  • Holistic Customer Profiling: Delve deep into the personas of your target customers, transcending generational differences with a unified approach.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Understand the emotional undercurrents of your customers, nurturing an empathetic connection that transcends age.
  • Thorough Feedback Evaluation: Harness the power of technology to analyze customer feedback comprehensively, bridging the generational gap effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, the primary objective is to enhance customer satisfaction, a goal that resonates across all age groups.

The world of customer experience software is indeed diverse, offering a multitude of options. Yet, they all converge on a singular purpose: to empower companies to elevate customer satisfaction, transcending age barriers and forging connections that stand the test of time. Embracing CXM ensures that customer satisfaction remains a timeless pursuit, uniting individuals of all generations in its pursuit.

Key Features Of The Best Customer Experience Management Platform

Even though the requirements for an excellent customer experience management platform may differ based on the company’s unique needs, several core features are universally desirable.

Enterprises aiming to boost customer contentment should consider platforms with the ensuing attributes:

Customer Data Insight As customer expectations continuously adapt, acquiring an in-depth knowledge of one’s clientele is imperative.

Metrics such as customer devotion and retention provide valuable insights. These analytics help pinpoint behavioral patterns, revealing potential areas for enhancement.

Moreover, predictive analytics offers glimpses into potential future trends based on customer behavior.

Digital Resource Management Although understanding your customer is crucial, it’s not the only priority.

Optimal customer experience management tools offer functionalities to control digital resources effectively.

These resources span images, videos, and diverse digital content instrumental in refining the customer journey.

Customer Interaction Utilities The foundation of an enjoyable customer journey is the initial touchpoint they have with a business.

This could be a multi-channel customer service hub or a self-serve customer portal with engagement resources. It’s vital to ensure clear and effective communication from the outset.

Furthermore, adopting an omnichannel approach is growing in importance, given the emerging customer preference for a consistent experience across platforms.

Top-tier customer experience systems equip companies with these essential tools, making them readily available.

Feedback Acquisition Methods Numerous customer service platforms offer feedback collection tools across various touchpoints.

From the initiation of a customer relationship to post-acquisition, extracting relevant insights is central to customer experience enhancement.

In terms of feedback, well-known satisfaction measures like NPS (net promoter score) and CES (customer effort score) are quite prevalent.

Premier platforms can gather data from such surveys, offering actionable recommendations derived from the collected data.

Feedback Supervision Merely accumulating feedback isn’t enough; managing this feedback consistently is equally vital.

Be it newcomers to your product or assessing reasons for customer turnover, CX platforms with integrated feedback oversight features guarantee the ability to implement necessary improvements for a holistic customer journey.

Emotion Analysis Tied closely to feedback supervision, emotion analysis is a technique to gauge customer sentiments towards your brand or product.

Technically, it interprets unstructured feedback, determining the emotions expressed therein.

This tool is invaluable for swiftly pinpointing problems and initiating corrective measures.

Clientele Segmentation Utilities Many SMEs leverage software offering customer segmentation features, enhancing their outreach and conversion tactics.

Engaging customers effectively becomes simpler when a business can identify key customer demographics to engage.

Using platforms that support the development of customer personas and segmentation, small enterprises can elevate their customer relationship strategies.

The enriched digital interactions facilitated by such tools are unmatched.

Operational Workflow Management Upon extracting relevant insights, firms can employ customer journey maps to craft suitable strategies.

This step paves the way for personalized engagements, allowing businesses to cater specifically to individual customer preferences.

Various software solutions are particularly adept at optimizing diverse workflows. Prioritizing customer needs, these tools enable automation of multiple repetitive tasks.

Whether it’s a service hub focusing on text analytics tools or a small entity integrating AI-driven chat assistance for sales promotion, workflow management tools can transform routine tasks into efficient, mutually beneficial systems.

API Collaborations API integration applications are vast.

Be it service desks aiming to expand their influence via multiple CRM collaborations or online retail platforms connecting with distribution hubs, API integration is indispensable for businesses striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Mobile Application Facilitating customer interaction via mobile applications can greatly enhance the overall experience.

Offering users the convenience of engaging with your brand or product on handheld devices simplifies their journey with you.

Additionally, mobile apps serve as a source of customer data, aiding in the continuous refinement of the provided experience.


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