7+ Best AI Voice Generators (2024)

Selecting the ideal AI voice over tool is crucial for your business success. Whether it’s crafting convincing voices for gaming and film, or rendering authentic conversations for AI platforms, the top AI voice over tools can assist in achieving your objectives. In this article, I’ve evaluated and listed the top 7 AI voice over tools for your convenience.


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What Is The Best AI Voice Generators?

The following are the best AI voice generators to consider.

Best Overall For AI Voice Generation

Looking for the best AI voice generation tool on the market? Look no further than BigSpeak.ai, your ultimate solution for creating lifelike voice clips. Whether you’re a creative content producer or a business professional, this platform offers an array of impressive features that cater to all your needs.

🎙️ Create Your Voice Clips with Ease
BigSpeak.ai allows you to effortlessly transform your text into voice clips of up to 300 characters. Simply visit their website and input your text. If you require longer clips, consider signing up for an account, which allows you to generate up to 1000 characters, making it perfect for those extended projects.

🗣️ Realistic Text-to-Speech Voices

Experience the magic of realistic text-to-speech voices that breathe life into your content. BigSpeak.ai offers a wide range of customization options, ensuring your voice clips sound just the way you envision them.

🤖 Versatile Applications

BigSpeak.ai is your go-to platform for various applications. Whether you want to create a voice chatbot, add audio to your website, or enhance your videos, their text-to-speech voices are here to serve your diverse needs.

🌟 Tailor-Made Voices

Personalize your brand’s voice with precision. BigSpeak.ai enables you to customize voice and tone, ensuring your audio aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Key Features:

✨ Craft the perfect voice for your audio needs with voice and tone considerations.
✨ Add natural pauses to your text for a more authentic sound.
✨ Adjust the speech tempo to fine-tune your output.
✨ Utilize SSML markups to infuse inflection and other natural features into your voice clips.


🆓 Free Plan: $0/month
💼 Premium Plan: $49/month

Plus, BigSpeak.ai offers a complimentary 14-day trial of the premium membership.

Best For Quick AI Audio Generation

ReadSpeaker takes AI audio generation to the next level, offering lifelike text-to-speech voices that provide a natural listening experience. Whether you’re in business, education, or any industry, ReadSpeaker’s AI-generated voices enhance customer satisfaction, elevate text content, and streamline business processes.

🚀 Enhance Your Brand’s Voice and Personality

With customizable voices, you have the power to craft the ideal voice that resonates with your brand identity.

🌐 Broaden Your Audience

Extend the reach of your content, ensuring it reaches a wider audience, all while saving on the cost of hiring voice-over artists.

💼 Simplify Content Creation

Accelerate your content creation process and elevate your business outcomes effortlessly.

Key Features:

🎤 Customizable voices tailored to your brand.
💡 Improve user experiences by delivering the right message.
🔄 Speed up content creation and enhance outcomes.


📅 Subscribe to ReadSpeaker for just $4.90 per month.

Best For Controlling Intonation.

Resemble.ai is the ultimate choice for those who crave control over intonation. It takes mere seconds to create human-like voices, making it ideal for conveying emotions and ensuring your brand message hits the right notes.

🎯 Precision in Intonation and Inflection

Resemble.ai grants you control over every intonation and inflection, allowing you to craft voices that perfectly match your message.

🔌 Seamless Integration

Flexible APIs make it easy for developers to integrate Resemble.ai into their applications. You can also create realistic 3D characters and blend human and synthetic voices for an authentic touch.

🤖 Interactive Experiences

Combine Alexa with GPT-3 to create engaging and interactive user experiences that captivate your audience.


💰 Basic: $0.006 per second of generated audio
💼 Pro: Contact their team for more information.

This top AI voice generation tool, Resemble.ai, offers a plethora of features, enabling you to unleash your creativity, enhance user experiences, and bring your brand’s voice to life. Whether you’re a content creator, business owner, or developer, these platforms have you covered!

Best For Creating AI Characters.

Join over 80,000 content creators from 40+ countries who’ve harnessed the magic of Lovo to breathe life into their creations.

With Lovo’s super-realistic human voices, you’ll effortlessly conjure any character your imagination dreams up. Lovo, your go-to for infusing that personal touch into your audio.

Harnessing cutting-edge text-to-speech technology, Lovo crafts voices that mimic yours, eliminating the need for costly voice actors.

Whether it’s the eloquent British-documentary tone or the persuasive American salesperson voice you seek, Lovo has your back.

And, with the API seamlessly integrated into their premium plans, Lovo effortlessly becomes a part of your existing applications.

Key Features that Dazzle:

  • A unique voice collection offering a plethora of options
  • Authentic voices for a lifelike audio experience
  • Custom voices tailored to your exact requirements
  • The robust LOVO Studio for effortless audio creation and editing
  • The Voiceover API, empowering you to seamlessly embed Lovo into your workflows.


Choose from their range of offerings:

  • Basic: $19 per month
  • Pro: $36 per month
  • Pro +: $99 per month

Best For AI Creation Studio

Murf takes the real voices of humans as its foundation, resulting in audio that’s as natural and lifelike as your own voice.

With studio-quality voiceovers fit for any purpose, Murf lets you imprint a personal flair onto your audio creations. From compelling presentations to captivating YouTube content, product development, and customer support, Murf transforms your project into a masterpiece.

Unlock the Best with Key Features:

  • Murf Studio to elevate your audio projects
  • Seamlessly incorporate video, music, or images into your audio for an immersive experience
  • A vast library of voices to meet your every need
  • AI voices that strike the perfect tone and convey your message effectively
  • Easy conversion of home recordings into professional voiceovers
  • Collaborative tools to craft the ultimate audio experience.


Murf offers a variety of plans:

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Basic: $13 per month
  • Pro: $26 per month
  • Enterprise: $59 per month

Best For Various Download Formats

Play.ht unleashes the power of synthetic voices via an online AI Voice Generator, creating lifelike audio experiences with remarkable speed and ease.

Repurpose your blog posts into engaging podcast or YouTube content effortlessly with Play.ht’s MP3 and WAV audio file downloads.

Featuring 900+ natural-sounding voices in 140+ languages, your perfect voice is just a click away.

Unveil the Magic with Key Features:

  • Text to Speech API for lifelike voice conversion
  • AI-generated voices for impeccable realism
  • Free previews to explore before committing
  • Seamless integration with countless applications and platforms.


Play.ht caters to your needs with these plans:

  • Free
  • Personal: $29.25 per month
  • Premium: $99 per month

Best For Embedding Generated Audios

Freelancers, agencies, and solo entrepreneurs, meet Listnr.tech—the rapid-fire solution for crafting lifelike voiceovers.

From explainer videos to eLearning modules, Listnr.tech adds that professional sheen to your audio endeavors. It’s your express ticket to completing audio projects with ease.

Spanning over 75 languages, it’s your multilingual voiceover partner. Plus, effortlessly embed audio into your website with their site widget.

Experience the Brilliance:

  • A TTS editor for text tweaks before voice conversion
  • AI podcasting for lifelike audio
  • An adaptable audio player for various platforms.


Build audio for free and step up with these plans:

  • Individual: $19 per month
  • Solo: $39 per month
  • Startup: $59 per month

Choose Listnr.tech, an AI voice wizard that suits your needs, and let your creativity run wild!

What Are AI Voice Generators?

Although traditionally professional audio recordings often relied on voice actors, today’s AI voice generators can fulfill much of these requirements.

Having AI-generated speech that sounds genuine is a significant advantage for many businesses, offering both time and cost savings.

Various voice tones and voice textures are commonly provided, catering to a range of vocal necessities.

An emerging feature with many of these tools is voice cloning.

Through this, one can easily capture their voice with a brief recording.

Subsequently, the voice software crafts a digital voice that mirrors the voice of the recorded user when articulating particular phrases.

Catering to both business and individual needs, numerous entrepreneurs recognize the efficiency of utilizing machine learning for generating an audio clip that mirrors their own voice, optimizing their work hours.

Features Of The Best AI Voice Generators

Artificial intelligence has drastically improved the quality of voices produced by AI voice platforms over recent times.

Top-notch AI text-to-speech platforms possess distinct features that contribute to the naturalness of the recordings they produce.

Here’s a rundown of the must-have features.

Support for Multiple Languages Although English dominates globally, many AI voice synthesizers support multiple languages.

This capability allows for the production of high-quality recordings in diverse languages, enabling businesses to cater to a worldwide clientele.

Rapid Speech Generation Nobody enjoys waiting endlessly for an AI text-to-speech output.

Numerous voice synthesis tools can deliver recordings with voices resembling human tones within moments, facilitating swift and hassle-free content creation.

Flexibility in Adjusting Outputs Ranging from pitch and tone to speed and loudness, users ought to have the freedom to modify several parameters to achieve the desired recording.

Top-tier voice synthesizers provide an extensive array of adjustment capabilities, guaranteeing that outputs meet user specifications.

For instance, to attain a natural-sounding playback, control over pitch and tone is crucial.

Such customizable features, now integral to leading AI voice tools, empower users to tailor the auditory experience, making human-like recordings more achievable.

The capability to determine reading speed is equally vital.

In certain instances, rapid speech may be needed.

At other times, decelerating might be necessary for accentuating specific terms or expressions.

This flexibility ensures top-quality outcomes regardless of varying requirements.

Multiple Download Alternatives Voice synthesis platforms ought to allow users to save their audio outputs in multiple formats.

This flexibility ensures that the recordings can be utilized in diverse scenarios.

For instance, an MP3 format would be suitable for integration into websites or blogs.

Conversely, for emails or document inclusion, WAV might be more appropriate.

Converting YouTube content to WAV is also a possibility.

Applications of AI Voice Synthesis Below are common applications for AI voice synthesizers:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Creating instant recordings with human-resembling voices is crucial for several customer-focused enterprises. IVRs play a pivotal role in welcoming and directing callers. 

Audiobooks: Whereas audiobooks were traditionally voiced by human professionals, AI voice synthesizers now empower anyone to produce top-grade audiobook recordings, whether original content or others’. 

Social media: Utilizing AI for voiceovers allows businesses to generate audio renditions of their social media content, expanding their reach effectively. 

Games: Depending on the game genre, leveraging AI for voice synthesis can significantly enhance the authenticity of character interactions. 

Conclusion: AI voice synthesizers are gaining traction among enterprises and individual users.

Given that many offer complimentary versions for primary recording and experimentation, it’s worth exploring their potential.

As AI continues to redefine numerous human-led business processes, it’s evident that AI voice synthesizers are poised to set new norms.

What’s your perspective?

Do you envision AI voice synthesizers shaping the future of auditory content?

Share your views in the comments section.

For more insights, visit AdamEnfroy.com: Mastering audio editing software can enhance the results from AI voice synthesizers.

Be it distributing content via podcast platforms or initiating a YouTube channel that blends audio and visuals, refining your audio can significantly elevate the end product.


Best Website Hosting for Blogging: Bluehost

Best Domain Provider for Blogging: GoDaddy

Best Platform for Blogging: WordPress

Top Pick

BigSpeak.ai: BigSpeak.ai enables you to generate voice snippets of up to 300 characters by simply inputting text on their platform.

Go to site Read Review →

Optimal for Rapid Audio Production

ReadSpeaker: ReadSpeaker’s AI-driven voices are designed to enhance productivity and augment your profits.

Go to site Read Review →

Optimal for Tone Manipulation

Resemble.ai: Resemble.ai offers diverse configurations for each tone and modulation, ensuring you get the desired voice.

Go to site Read Review →

Optimal for AI Character Design

Lovo: Lovo is an advanced solution that allows you to craft genuine human voices and a myriad of character sounds.

Go to site Read Review →

Top Choice for AI Production Suite

Murf: Murf employs actual human voices in its AI voice tool, aiding in crafting genuine-sounding podcasts, videos, and professional showcases.

Go to site Read Review →

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From AI writing tools that streamline your promotional content to AI sales platforms that seal deals on your behalf, and AI video integrations that merge virtual characters with promotional narratives, a plethora of resources are available for businesses.

However, the voice generator tool powered by AI is frequently underestimated.

Historically associated with mechanical-sounding outputs viewed as mere novelties, it’s refreshing to note the significant advancements in AI voice tools.

Certain platforms now offer the intriguing capability of entirely cloning a person’s voice, enabling AI systems to produce soundbites indistinguishable from the real individual.

In this piece, I shed light on today’s top AI voice tools, taking into account their features, cost, customization levels, and more.

If your business integrates audio into its content strategy, this guide ensures you identify a tool perfectly tailored for you.

Dive in and explore.


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